Upcoming Story: Haven

:black_heart: Story Title: HAVEN
:black_heart: Drama / Romance
:black_heart: Description: A broken bartender meets a tormented rockstar; their love faces addiction’s storm, music’s chaos, and a fate teetering on redemption or ruin.


Creed Prominent Character Lead Guitar
Adam Prominent Character Drummer

Nash Prominent Character Bass Guitar

Ryder Love Interest Vocals

Haven Main Character

Would just love some feed back. On characters, descriptions, and cover! Wanted to make sure they don’t suffer from same face syndrome :joy: More side characters are in the works as I thoroughly outline an detail the story.


all my custom art is finally finished for intros and outros :heart_eyes:

Well, you’ve caught my interest! Do you have any idea when it’ll be published? And could you tag me or something when it gets published?

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Im hoping the first 3 will be out by the end of the month! There’s a lot going into this, from custom backgrounds, overlays, etc! And Ive been meticulously planning the plot for months. Im just now getting to the coding part :smiling_face_with_tear:

You can follow me on Red.Writes_Episode on instagram!

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I wish you the best of luck! And don’t stress out so much, just take your time.

These characters have slowly become my pride and joy! Im hoping for tears :smiling_imp:

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Is it okay if you tag me once it’s out?!

sure :black_heart:

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Thanks in advance! :bat::heart: