Upcoming story promotion!

Hey guys!

I am planning on writing a romance/drama story, but I was wondering how everyone feels about stories with the 2 MC having a ten year age gap.

The male will be 21 while the female will be 31.

I have the small and large cover ready if you’re interested in taking a look.

Small cover
But_Then_I_Met_You_aV_posterThumb_ZLWegUzHkm (1)

Large cover

Here’s the story description I have so far:

She’s a cold and diligent dance instructor at the University of Fine Arts, but then she meets him, where she learns what true love really is.

[I don’t want to add more detail to the description but I’m planning on adding a bunch of drama in this story]

With that said if anyone interested in reading this story when is out (which will be a month or 2) please follow me at @episode.coffeezbeans for updates.

I’m trying really hard to improve my directing skills and plotting for this upcoming story which explains why this will take some time to publish.

Anyways, thanks for reading my post!


I’d love to read that! :heart: Sound interesting! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! Means a lot :blush: :sneezing_face:

Already attached! Will definitely give it a go when it’s ready! :smile:

Follow me on insta: @Episode.MnM

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Will you comment back here when you publish it?

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I wouldn’t mind the age gap, also just love the covers :heart_eyes:
Good luck sound like it’s gonna be an interesting story

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will do


Thank you! I recommend @arinasdrawings on IG if you need any artwork done. She did my covers

Sounds super interesting, can’t wait to read that story!

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Tag me when it’s out.

Also about the age gap, I don’t mind because they’re both legal and adults.

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Thank you! Can’t wait to have it done so you can check it out :slight_smile:

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I’ll definitely update this post once it’s ready for the ones who are interested.

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wow it looks amazing!

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This sounds absolutely amazing and your covers beautiful did you do it :revolving_hearts:

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Thank you!

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check out @arinasdrawings for all your artwork needs! She did mine

She’s on instagram

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Btw Idk if I can. But can I promote here my first ever story I published two days ago?

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Go ahead!

Idk why I cant send links from my computer. but I published a new story called a girl with a secret Its a fantasy story It’s names “A girl with a secret”

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