Upcoming Writing Group! - Submit An Application


I just recently started a writing group, and I am looking for people who would like to join it. If you are interested in joining the writing group, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post and we can talk further. I can’t wait!!!

Available roles:


Duty: Responsible for story-planning; Making the story outlines; Writing the screenplay; Open to feedback
Traits: Creative, Excellent Writer

Artist (for Episode Edits)

Duty: Splashes; Art Scenes
Traits: Creative; Experience making digital art; Responible

Social Media Team/Marketing Team

Duty: Posting on story’s social media account at least three times a week; Create a following; Introduce the story to potential readers
Traits: Fluent in English; Decent Grasp of Graphic Design; Innovative; Creative

Beta Readers

Duty: Review entire episode story; Check for technical issues; Make sure there is no plotholes;
Traits: Good at grammar; Fluent in English; Observant

You can choose more than one role!

Requirements: Activeness; Above the age of 13

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I’ve appied


I just DMed you. Just check out your instagram profile.




I would like to withdraw my application.


You definitely can. Just PM me, and we can talk there instead.


I’ve just applied. I’d love to join this group because I know a lot about photoshop and other programs so I could help with covers/backgrounds/artwork :hearts::sparkles:


I think I would love to be apart of this :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to hear that, @Graycen . Just fill out the form


I’ve applied !


Just applied :slight_smile:


Okay!! Just check your instagram for a message.






I applied. :blush:


I applied


Thanks!! I just send you an Instagram message. Check it out!!


I applied :slight_smile:


I applied :smile:


Update; I DMed everyone who applied. Just check out your instagram messages for more information.