UPDATE: A Better Mobile Experience for the Writer Portal

Those updates are awesome! If only there we could copy and paste that would be perfect


I feel the same :joy::ok_hand:


Thank you! This makes it much easier for authors to write their stories on mobile :heart:

@Melani3 I’m using an iPhone 6s.

Maybe it’s old so that’s why it’s messed up lol.


I’m using a Galaxy Note 8

When I tap on anything in the portal, it automatically zooms in SUPER close to the script. Like uncomfortably close.

That’s not to mention when I scroll side to side (either zoomed in or zoomed out) to view an entire line of code, the two menus on the sides pop up out of nowhere and push my script around annoyingly. That means when I’m forced to look at my script at 5000% zoom, I can’t move at all without those two menus interfering and completely blocking me from seeing my script.

I don’t know if anyone else can move things around in the previewer, but that’s definitely impossible for me.


I’m using a Huawei P20. The issues are: it zooms when I try to type, I don’t have the side menus (I can’t see them), I can’t scroll. It worked almost perfectly a week ago…

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Yeah same for me… and it would be awesome if it would play the sound.

@Melani3 iPhone 6S Plus user I’m just wondering is it supposed to play the sound? It shows the volume bar underneath the previewer at full blast and my phone was on full blast. And then I also have the same zoom in problem as it seems everyone does. But the sound… I’d love for the sound to play :heart_eyes::heart:


Oh weird… okay… @Melani3 my zoom issue might not be as bad as others. Mine (on my iPhone 6S Plus) does not zoom in to that incredibly close level. But it’s very touchy when you’re trying to scroll down. You hit a certain part of the script and it zooms in and brings up the keyboard, and all I’m trying to do is just simply scroll through my script.


I was wondering the same thing…I have the iphone 6s but the sounds don’t work😢

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Hopefully they can fix it :cry::heart_eyes:


I’ve had the same issue, it’s terrible. I needed to use another browser so this issue wouldn’t happen. But the thing is, while I no longer have the zooming issue with that browser, the keyboard won’t appear even if I tap on the script. :sneezing_face:

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Yeah I also have a zooming issue when I use type on the writers portal on my phone.

I use a Google Pixel 3a.


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I actually like the previous version, the only thing I disliked what the low amount of outfits and customization overall, and that you can’t access it both on computer or mobile. It had to be one or the other!

Oh no! :cry:

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I’m not getting along with the portal at all :weary:

I accidentally previewed the first episode on my app before the change and now I’m on the second episode and can’t go back. The preview on the portal glitches, so I want to preview on the app. How can I go back to the previous episode?


Yeah, I hope Episode figures it out. :sneezing_face:

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Same girl, same.


Great work!
I love it :slight_smile:

Device: Google Pixel 2

Same issue as most others have had with the super sensitive screen then leading to a super close up zoom. MissHaze basically summed up my issue.

But I’ve also found that if I hit enter to move to a new line, it will delete the last letter of the last word I just typed before going to a new line. The zoom I could tolerate on its own but this part makes the zoom harder to deal with because I need to keep going (aka tapping and super zooming) back to each line to re-add the last letters that have all been deleted :woozy_face:


Yeah my portal’s clapped now. Yay, love this new update :clown_face: