UPDATE: A Better Mobile Experience for the Writer Portal

There are some parts of this I appreciate, however I don’t like the scrolling left and right to make the side options appear.

The Portal is not working for me, but then again my phone sucks so…yin yang. I just can’t get it to stay zoomed in on one spot


Why not just make a mobile writing app that works the same as the writing Portal?


It doesn’t work for me either


The portal doesn’t work for me and I’m sure it’s not my phone


I’ve been testing the portal and it works fine for me, but as some others already mentioned, it would be great if you could add the copy-paste option with the next update. Thanks!


i’ve been using mobile browser since forever :rofl: it’s the best way to do it (in my opinion) but how do you choose to open up the side bar ? what button do you press ? (with the backgrounds and overlays, etc.)

yes! absolutely.

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@Melani3 I have another thing to add for my phone :persevere:

The shifts/caps lock button will move me to the line above the one I was typing on in addition to make my letters capitals :worried:


Love this :two_hearts:

The portal works great for me! It’s a little touching when swiping to the left or right, but is still awesome!

I hate to be that person that immediately asks for more right after getting something, but as others stated, it would be AMAZING if you add a copy and paste button for us!


same! I prefer mobile on the app like before.


AHHHH! Yes! I just got back from a short hiatus and I am overjoyed to see this! Thanks!!

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We need a scroll feature immediately. It’s impossible to navigate through the script when you have 3k lines. :woozy_face:


Oof, I tried out the web through mobile for the first time since it’s been improved. I have a list of problems :upside_down_face: Dunno if I have to mention this. But, I’m using an iPhone 8+ - Ooh, I do lol.

1.) I can’t scroll without my keyboard popping up every time I touch the screen.

2.) When I touch the screen to scroll, it zooms in.

3.) Scrolling is a tad bit slow. It seemed faster before it was updated. It was tedious, but faster.

4.) I like the preview screen, but it takes up the entire screen and the bar on left doesn’t show up until you tap on it and the script. Which is a little much :joy:

This isn’t a complaint. More of a question. Is it possible to add a feature where we can copy and paste?


@Melani3 I’m using iPhone 6 and a mini ipad.
When I try to scroll. It goes to the same place and my keyboard keeps popping up.
I can even write on it.


It’s weird that I first I didn’t notice any of this, but since I’ve been using it, I’m having the same issues (with iPhone 7). Probably nothing changed since the update, and I was just too excited to notice then :sweat_smile:


Is anyone else having problems of selecting words?

I hold my screen but it doesn’t give me any option to select ://


I love this :heart_eyes:
Of course with a pc it’s better, but I can’t always use it so I appreciate this very much

I had similar problems when trying to scroll through. It would zoom in if I tried to move the script section. Also, you have to go all the way to the bottom to even get the script to start moving. I’m not happy about having to swipe for the left panel where the scene navigator is. It’s annoying to have to do it each time.