UPDATE: A Better Mobile Experience for the Writer Portal

I have all above mentioned difficulties.

  • Can’t select text
  • Can’t copy paste
  • scrolling up down is harder, it suddenly stops, opens keyboard and jumps back to where I was and zooms in
  • I can’t slide to left side, it is same as closing this page and I lose everything written
  • it’s hard to insert music, where I leave writing on the script, slide right and select music, that music is placed on completely other place of where I wanted it to be
  • it’s hard to go back to the top to save the script, but I somehow learned that. Patience is needed

What I can:

  • I can slide to the right
  • I can listen to music and sounds

But I’m happy nevertheless :smiley:

I’m using IPhone XS Max, latest iOS version 13.2.2 :heart:


Gosh, I know why I used the Mobile Creator. I completely messed up the script and am upset now. THANK GOODNESS we can watch previous revisions, but they don’t help if you can’t copy/paste. Also, I have no idea how layers work. This was much easier on MC.

You couldn’t do much at all on mobile creator tho. With the online writers portal you can write and direct fully cinematic stories. The writers portal is easier to use on a computer/laptop. No PC?


I solved the problem now.

Well, spot directing and layers were easier on the Mobile Creator.

I do have a PC, but a very old one that’s lagging the whole time so it’s no option.

Yeah a slow one would definitely cause issues :cry: Well I’m glad you fixed you’re issue : )


It a shame this doesn’t work on my tablet, if I try and type anything directly into the portal it removes letters from what’s already there for some reason, but im fine typing into a different document and pasting it in, it’s just a little bit more hassle

Amazing u saved our life :heart::pleading_face:

This update is awesome :clap::clap::clap:… I can finaly sit on my back and write, and not spending many hours sitting on chair then after to suffer pain on my back and butt :joy::joy::rofl:.
Thank you episode team :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:!!!

I just used my mobile to publish my new story
Back To You
Thank you very much

Yes, but you will get used to it
When I say used to it I mean you will find a better way for zooming
My advice is keep trying
I was in your shoes before, but look at me I just published my story using mobile phone

Why not try this…
You enter chrome or the browser you are using
Wait for your spellings to check and also your asset to be loading
Then off your WIFI
After writing you can just, on it back and save it

Thank you for this updated! It really helps to have a visual next when you are writing!!!

Letty M- Author of Raising Hexagon

Update is great thank you so much but I CAN’T SPOT DIRECT AND ZOOM IN THAT :sob:

Is it possible that this update somehow switched of the fan mail? Because since this update in the app I dont have option of fan mail by any story… even mine where I am sure the fanmail is on.:thinking: