Update log: [I was a book nerd and now I'm a villain!?] by ravé

welcome dear reader! i’m raven, or ravé for short.

this thread is made for promoting my upcoming first story;

(title is experimental, so it might change later on)

  • confirmed information;

genre: fantasy
style: LL

  • here’s the small description:

reading, oh how you love reading! but you’re really bored of the same repetitive content lately oh well…until you get sucked into your favorite book, into a fantasy world of magic and nobles! though bad news, in this world…you’re the villain, and everybody hates you!..or, you thought so?

ps. i have no idea about coding so this is going to be a tough one…but hey, nothing is easy so why should i give up?

that’s it for today peeps, i will update regularly here when there is new information about my story (: i hope you like this one, stay tuned!

social media;
insta: ravenofnacht.episode