Update on Community Authors Gem Choices Writer Payments


For your second question, I asked that on a different thread and Liz said that the gem chapters also count towards your regular reads, so yes, you’d qualify.


Thanks for answering my question!! I’m not sure if I’d do a story with gen choices, but I wanted to know just in case…


Yeah same, it’s interesting to know how it would all work, but I don’t think I could ever include it in my own


Once you qualify for Writer’s Payments you are in. You don’t have to re-qualify for each additional story.


Thank you! That’s actually pretty great. I thought we had to start over after some time.


Yeah, I know right? :smile: I would do it if I had the time to focus only on the story, and constantly updating. Then I’d have more chances of making it into the program. But as of right now, that’s not my case :woman_shrugging:t3::no_mouth:


yeah, can they?


If that was to happen, they’d be paying almost every single adult author. It may take 5 years for a story to reach 100k, YouTube is also much bigger.

YouTube itself also has shows, and stuff you can buy, not to mention that there’s ads on YouTube (not the videos) as well.


What People could do is have a choice at the end of their story that asks Readers to click it for a donation towards the author maybe?

It could also unlock some really cool bonus content if the writer is creative enough.

Just a suggestion to stop authors putting in meaningless choices :slight_smile:


The only thing I would recommend it bumping up the 60 days. I truly don’t think it’s realistic to have 500k views in 60 days unless you have a book with like 5 million reads. Or maybe they just want to be difficult.

Or maybe add another review process for Writers program? Just like they do for Epy Library just so they can prevent cheats and crappy stories (as mention before) with shi**y gems choices or thirsty teen grabs getting into the writers’ program? Idk.


And the first gem choice is always free to readers, making 300 gem choices even more reasonably attainable.


If you’re not 18 yet, could you enter the program for the stuff and your money be stored?


I think this is your answer :upside_down_face:


Ok thanks!