Update on the Episode Team’s Continued Progress in Serving Our Diverse Community

Sorry, I was in class when I saw this. I understand that, I’m well aware it takes time it’s just a reminder for future notice. The entire point of this post was to inform us about future updates/curent updates regarding representation, however plus sized males, children and more/better clothing for males is also apart of that. :sparkling_heart:


ngl, im really stoked for more diverse facial features and hairstyles


support, even if they’re not working on it. it would be nice to see 2 plus size people in a romance story


oooh now that is something I can get behind :sparkles: and obsessed w the new character assets, we love it we want more :fairy:t3:‍♀:heart_eyes:


Yeah, yeah. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I’ll believe you’ve made real changes when I see them.


I had read this complete thread (current)… and then I had gotten confused about 30 minutes ago, because I had some kind of way started reading this thread instead ( previous ) : Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards

The only reason I was able to catch on that the older post was in fact older… was when I started reading the names of the people that were responding… and I KNOW they are no longer active in the community… like at all!!!

The more I read the thread … the more I understood … that literally this entire diversity issue has changed very little since 2017… Not to be facetious … but um… that was literally 3 years ago. :flushed: So… I now understand why so many people in the community are feeling despondent and even incredulous when it comes to actually believing that they will legitimately witness changes pertaining to the diversification declarations that have been written… but have not yet manifested for all to see as of yet.

Naturally… I am hopeful that we will see some significant changes take place… but… :woman_shrugging:t5:


:grimacing: oh . . . i didn’t know that. Now i realize why everyone on this thread has pessimistic outlooks on this situation. Now i do too



I noticed that a lot of the people that have Episode Community Member next to their names have been around long enough to remember the original diversity outcries, and responses from the original Forums ( they moved The Forums a while back ). So… they are 1000% aware of how much progress has in fact been made. Everything for me did not click until I realized that the Diversity standards post had been updated, and the old one had been unpinned, in order to pin the new one on November 9th.


I really think that’s great! Thank you so much. xx


Glad that you’re making an effort but took you too long to realize that diversity matters.

Not only does the representation of people of colour and LGBT, but we also need you to see other important representation for non-binary folks, disabled people.

Please stop buying stories from racist, homophobic, transphobic authors, have some strict rules against stories which are of this type. Stop seeing big and small authors in two different sights.

Some of the big authors with so many reads turned out to be racist and they can continue to publish their chapters on the app.

I don’t think I can say all the disappointment in one thing. Please just don’t be favoured.


you could just say, People of the LGBTQIA+ community and people of all abilities.
no hate it just doesnt sound right


Thank you so much for the info! :relaxed:

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How excited I am, thank you :heart_decoration:

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This still gets comments? Lmao

Will there be new ink art assets?

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no, they are done updating INK. There won’t be anymore INK updates.


I’m very proud of my trans identity and I would LOVE for episode to have a story with a trans MC. A simple romcom, coming out story, etc. but I’d like for episode to do it right and ask those in the community how it would be best to portray the character. Often lgbt+ characters seem like an afterthought and only have cishet friends. I have maybe one cishet friend that I’m close with. Often cishet people don’t understand what I or others in the community go through on a day to day basis.


There’s actually a story with a trans MC!
Try High School Is Hell or College Is Hell. I don’t remember the author (sadly :persevere: ) but they should be in the recommendations list of the author of Bisexual Bachelorette.


I definitely need to check that out! Thank you!


Happy to help! :relaxed:

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