Update on this week (11/01), no releases until next week


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we won’t be releasing anything new today. We will continue releasing items next week! We will keep you updated when those new items drop, and hope to see them in your stories in the future!

[Limelight] Freckles, Clothes, & Hair, Oh My!


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Boi I hope the next update is EXTRA saucy :upside_down_face:

[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business



Although, I appreciate you informing us!!


there goes my day


They better give us something NICE AND CLEAN AF next week or I’m raging :triumph:


Thank you for saying something this time


LMAO, last week I didn’t think we’d get anything, yet we got HELLA stuff. Now this week I was surpringly optimistic and we ain’t getting anything :rofl:


Lol when the post was made two days ago…


Can’t say I’m not disappointed.


Would of been nice to know this before I was refreshing for a half hour >.<


Thank you so much for letting us know! A lil’ sad, but, it’s very much appreciated that you told us instead of simply ghosting us! c:

At least I’ve still got Overwatch and Hearthstone at BlizzCon to look forward to tomorrow!

if we don’ t get a zenyatta cinematic i’m gonna game end


Would have been abso-bloody-lutely amazing to have been told this before I made plans to freak out a friend about another great update


Well at least they said SOMETHING this time…


Thank you for letting us know! :slight_smile: I am so excited to see next week’s update!


Kyyyy dude


I don’t see why this wasn’t just posted two days ago rather than on the actual “update day” lol unless maybe they were hoping that something would be ready in time?


this is so unskinny. anyways release more clothes plz no mo facial features :kissing_heart: