Update on this week (11/01), no releases until next week


And here I was, wondering why Episode never communicates openly with the community. I guess I just got my answer: Guys, do you realize that most of the reactions to this sounded seriously spoiled and bratty? There’s the good old radio rule of “think, press, speak”.

I appreciate the update and am looking forward to what’s to come. Thank you for informing us :slight_smile:


Yeah. I guess I can understand being a little disappointed after looking forward to an update, but, still. The people working on the new stuff are still people, and I can imagine it’s pretty hard to get stuff out every week, consistently. I mean, we practically get all this stuff for free!

I’m glad they chose to be transparent about this! They’re not as responsive as the Fortnite team (now that’s a game that listens to its players!), but it’s still very nice.






so sorry


Its okay, Episode Team! I understand. You work real hard to give us new stuff and make it cool and awesome for us. I wish you a great deal of best wishes to work hard and also, Thank you for telling us beforehand instead of keeping it in the dark and letting us get paranoid :blush:



when are you gonna release the rest of the ink stuff?


Possibly after they are done releasing some of the Limelight things. I hope after they release this update on Thursday, there will be Ink after that. Maybe they might be releasing some of the Ink stuff with the Limelight.


i doubt it. but there is hope.


Update tomorrow sweeties


They added shoes so there was an update


What do you guys think they’re releasing tomorrow.


The lips most likely. Maybe something more, not sure.


It would have to be something decent for it to take two weeks to release.


Ink’s done I don’t think they will be releasing very much for that style.


It’s like 7:20 where I am and it’s a Thursday.
I wonder what we’re getting.


Updates usually come out on my Friday and it still 7:12pm Thursday for me


around 5pm for me in the midwest


Are they really going to update today?