Update on this week (11/01), no releases until next week


yes! Should be in about 4 hours or so. That’s usually when it happens for me in the UK :slight_smile:

I hope it’s something nice like clothes because we have to many facial features now, It’s getting boring :confused:


I hope they release all kinds of things such as lips and more hair and some clothes too. (Btw they updated us with a few shoes quite a few days ago that were very useful for me and I really enjoyed it)


I agree facial features are starting to become boring… and we need clothes more than anything


especially Male Clothes! Limelight is lacking in that department


Yes, I agree that we need clothes. But since they didn’t do an update last week (what some people are wondering if it was because they were trying to make a very large batch of releases and couldn’t make it on time) I guess they will please all of us in these one, hopefully


Yes, making a male outfit is a very difficult challenge


It’s getting a bit boring for me too, but I see it as a kind of necessary evil?? I’d rather get all the facial features/hairstyles out of the way, because if we went back to clothes now I’d get impatient waiting for the remaining facial features. I’m starting to wonder how I ever made diverse limelight characters with such limited features, lmao


maybe they should do a big release of different things? Facial features are fine but when you don’t need to make new characters it might be nice to give them something else to wear :slight_smile:


Dream come true omg


right? Would love this to happen :drooling_face::exploding_head:


Hopefully if they release hair today they release some 4b/4c hairstyles, the amount we have right now is SCARCE


What if we’re getting the clothes from Instant Princess?


I would love that!


Right?! I’m thinking since they’ve already released the backgrounds and overlays used in IP that maybe they’re ready to do this mass release of more of the assets used within!


Plus, she added more modest clothing for one of the characters and I really want it. :heart_eyes:


Damn! Now the IP stuff is all I want! :rofl:


YESSS but unfortunately that was not what they released :frowning: I’m starting to become really frustrated about updates :sleepy:


I wanted them lips boi!!! :angry:


Me too!!! I was waiting all day last week and did the same today to get moles and male tattoos? Oh please


I get that there were people happy about it, and I’m not trying to be rude and complain all the time, but I’m just saying I expected something bigger because of the time we waited