Update on this week (11/01), no releases until next week


So… Don’t know if anyone’s going to see this, but I cannot believe they closed the other thread because we were complaining about Episode’s latest update, as if we didn’t have the right to.


Ik it was kinda funny and petty kfdjjsjsjej


What the hell?


Its kinda funny because they chose a wrong marketing move and now paying the price but respond by ignoring and silencing


Well they dont want the negativetly to spread to a thread where they announce an update for ll and have people say their happy and excited and to share if anything happens and some people only go to say negative things srry if this sounds a little off I’m out and about and very stressed


They could at least give us a half-assed explanation, or let us continue telling them why we’re mad.


New update is cute but I wish we got something a little bigger since it got postponed by a week. I’m totally going to use the stuff, but I wish there were more things. They even used unreleased hairstyles in the example picture but aren’t releasing them? I don’t know much about coding and programming, but it seems they are all ready and stuff so why can’t they be released (actually would like an answer to this tho bc I’m kinda curious now)? Especially those cute pigtails! I would at least like an explanation on why we had to wait. But I’m still excited about the tattoos and new clothes!


Bringing it to this thread will only make this thread get closed too.


This just shows that they can’t take criticism well. (While I do not agree with some stuff that has been said on the thread, I still think it was criticism.)

The marketing move was wrong to begin with. They treated it like some sort of expansion packs or DLCs. What they should’ve done was releasing 2 major updates after everyone forgot about it.

I don’t know the process of creating assets for characters. But I know for a fact that they created these way before releasing them. They said stories take 9 months to create, then they had these features for about 6 months at least. What are they testing still?

Again, I don’t know the process. Just a thought.


Everyones so quiet now


I think they and to postpone it for an update coming up in a few weeks maybe because something happened so they had to use the time for this update to work and fix the other one but that’s just a thought


Heyyyy they added some clothes, beauty marks, a few lip colors, and I’m still trying to find what else!


What are they?


They posted what they released.


girl what good work




Well, if we aren’t grateful for what we get, then why should they continue working on new items for us?
They go through a huge and months-long process of deciding, designing, rejecting, approving, creating, testing, and sending it to us. May as well appreciate getting something. :tipping_hand_woman:


seeing that all these assets have been done since Love Life and we still don’t have all of it speaks volumes how little they care