Update: The Nerd And The bad boy

Hey everyone, @Forever1201 Im happy right now because I just published the 5th chapter of my story :blush:. Finally after three months (I think) I released the chapter and ready to move on to chapter six.

Here are the deets of my story:

Name: The Nerd And The Bad Boy

Author: Kit Kat

Description: Christa dosen’t have and an easy life. Everyday she gets bullied at school. Everything seems against her. The people who actually cares for her is her family and her best friend. But what happens when tutoring the bad boy ends up a rollercoaster of events and surprises? Will she take it all or break and give up?


Thank u @Gamer_Gurl for the cover :heart:

Link to my story:

I hope you guys read my story. If u read it, let me know what u think. :heart: Also, I dont remember who’s character is in my story. So if u see your character, u are more that happy to tell me :blush:.

Have a nice day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It sounds like you worked super hard on it, I’ll read it when I get my phone back, I’m super excited.

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Thank u and yes I did. I hope u let me know what u think of it :blush:

I hope it’s good

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I will, and don’t worry I bet it’s gonna be amazing.

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I’ll check it out!! :grin:

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Ok :blush:

3 months? Danggggg lol I’ll check it out

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Yhea :sweat_smile: And Ok thanks :blush:

No Problem for the cover :heart:

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I’ll read it later!

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can u close this? I made it another topic similiar to this

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You got it @Forever1201 :wave:

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