Update to last published episode, will it credit a pass?

I think this will work out how I’m thinking, but I just wanted to check, since I’ve only published one story.

I want to make a “temporary episode” for episode 6 of my story, so readers have something to play before I can actually get back to working on it again. Once they complete episode 6 (the last episode, nothing else after that) will they be credited a pass to read the actual chapter 6 when I have it completed and update my story?

I just wanted to verify this before I do it, so I don’t inadvertently make a reader miss the real chapter 6 entirely, if they read the temporary episode I put there. Since I don’t really have a way to test this, I was hoping someone could verify…

I appreciate anyone’s input! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, any edit to an episode that someone is reading will credit them a pass. So whoever reads the temporary episode will then be credited once you update it again

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That’s awesome!! Thank you so much for verifying :slight_smile:

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No probs, bob :wink:

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