Update to Offers Section

Hi Everyone!

With Version 23.60.1, we’re testing another way to gain more gem shards in the Offers section of your app! For now, only a small number of you will see it, but we hope to roll it out to more players in the future.

These new offer types will be opt-in, similar to Rewarded Ads. Typically, you will see the options to take surveys, download other apps, start free trials, and more. By completing these, you will receive whatever the amount of gem shards are listed when you click on the screen.

Please also note that once you claim a reward from any of these new offers, they may take a little bit of time to process. If for some reason you do not receive them, please reach out to Tapjoy’s support team via the 3 line hamburger menu.


Thanks @Tory for the message !

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I understand now, thank you!

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After being on the internet for as long as it exists, using all kinds of apps, I can only say that these surveys, and downloading apps give nothing. It’s a pure scam. Thank you. Any better idea?