Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations

Hello Episodians,

Earlier this week we released an update to the Portal which will change how frequently the trending sections in the app and the story ranking on your script pages update.

Previously, the trending section rankings were calculated several times a day, but after some research we discovered that a story’s rank doesn’t change frequently enough for that many updates to have an effect. After learning this we realized we could improve the way our servers run if we updated the ranks and the trending section once a day instead.

As a result of this change, you might notice some differences in the story rank on your script page. After you first publish a story your rank may show as calculating for 48 hours or so. Alternatively, if your story has been published for more than a couple of days you likely won’t see this message as frequently.

If you have any problems in the trending section or with your story rankings please let us know by contacting our support team with your story name and portal email.

With love,

The Episode Team

For those of you expressing concerns about this update having a negative impact on smaller authors or newly published stories we did take these into consideration when we were working on this update.

We’ve highlighted a section of text above which may help clarify some of our thinking. Frequently refreshing the rankings and trending sections doesn’t have any more effect on a story’s place in trending than refreshing once a day does. Refreshing the ranks more frequently was causing issues with our servers, while not benefiting stories or authors. Making this change will hopefully allow the ranks to glitch less frequently.

Please also remember that newly published stories have their own trending section in the Stories We <3 section of the app. They aren’t being compared to older, more established stories while they are still new. They get several days on this shelf before they are moved into the general and genre specific trending sections. We do this specifically so they have chance to get more attentions from readers. Hopefully this helps clarify some things!


oh wow. cool.

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Cool. I guess.


@Mehasels oooh


Wait - this means I can’t refresh the page every second for a new rank D:


Cool! I wonder if this will fix the trending section bug where the rankings will just go crazy for an hour or so.
Also for curiosity’s sake, what time PST is the trending section set to update (if it’s the same time every day, that is)?


@Mehasels hopefully this clears things up!

I’m probably still going to refresh it out of habit :see_no_evil:

I’m curious to see how this will affect our stories after updates and when we release new stories.


:see_no_evil: same on both.

I guess everyone is going to be updating their stories like two hours before the rankings change lol


Well, mine’s changed three times today so far…


Mine looked a bit glitchy before (really low genre ranks compared to the overall). They’ve changed since then, though and are sitting where I’d expect them too. Now I’m probably going to constantly refresh just to see if they are only going to change once a day :rofl::upside_down_face:


Neither do I - even though I barely understand the damn system I still refresh lol and now we have a new system…? Ugh this is a no


Hm I don’t see how it is better…
The top stories will stay exactly where they are, plus if an unknown author accidentally gets enough reads to get into the top 100 for an hour, it won’t mean anything if the results are calculated for the whole day.
Not to mention that if a small author publishes a new story, 48 hours is more than enough for their “fans” to check it out, so by the time the story actually gets a rank, there will be only a very few people/no one reading it.

I hope I am wrong though…


I don’t really like it too Tbh 🤷🏼 agree with @Annieways, I think it will do more damage than good to small authors :confused: rather than doing this, episode staff could have focused on fixing some of the glitches


There we go - Episode needs to find ways to help smaller authors too and I feel like this ranking system will hurt smaller author ranks. Small authors help each other but we need help from the app too!


I’m sure the idea is not against small authors, but to me it seems this was not well thought out and won’t help at all.


I agree. I think this inhibits visibility for small and new authors because readers are gained when they’re scrolling through the trending section and if it’s not updated frequently enough it just feels like it would reduce visibility. Does anyone know what I mean? also this may not affect the top 100 stories as much if at all, but imo I think it can affect small and new authors because there’s a small window of time after we update in which we gain the most reads and visibility before it goes back down. Our reads that we gain isn’t as consistent as the stories in the top 100 so after we do update it would help if our stories are updated frequently in the ranks because it helps with visibility and gaining new readers. Just my thoughts.


It definitely wasn’t well thought out. I think some people will be confused and even panicking when they will see Calculating… on their rank, because that usually happens when your story is suspended I think (correct me if I am wrong :sweat_smile:)


Yeah it seems more like a side effect of the new system


I didn’t even think about that until you said it