Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations

The issue is that they are bashing and belittling the current trending authors. No one is saying they didn’t work hard to get where they are. I don’t know wha algorithm is being used to generate the current trending section, but I see some really big authors on the top trending section still.

Big authors who are bashing the current trending authors are bullies and have shown their true colors.
You can be upset but when you start attacking people and putting them down for something they can’t even control, it makes me, a reader, NOT want to read their stories anymore.


I agree with you.


I had every intention of updating my story regardless of the ranks but you know what?

Has anyone checked the TOS lately?

Included in the TOS, Episode have sneakily written that publishing on their platform gives them the rights to any ideas, characters or stories you come up with. They don’t need to ask permission. So technically they aren’t stealing anyone’s ideas as we have all given them permission.

I read the TOS, it wasn’t there a month ago…


The hell?? That’s beyond messed up…

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That’s why they copied instant princess, kiss list and forever young…that’s horrible.

pssst, that was solved. go down in the comment section and you’ll see :cherry_blossom:

aint nothing to worry about.

scratch that


You have an excellent point. It why I’ve been so vocal because I’m sick of authors who are always on top mad because they are t on top for a day or 2, like chill I’m sure y’all be back on top after this whole mess is fixed

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Okay now I’m really contemplating publishing this story next week! That is SO messed up!


I don’t want episode copying my story or anyone else’s. That’s seriously not okay.

I’m going to give Episode some time to explain before I ask them to remove my story from the app.

There’s no way in hell I’m letting them have anything I’ve written or plan to write. I’d rather go to wattpad where authors and work are respected - clearly doesn’t happen here.


I might do the same thing…

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I prefer glitches over this, I’m sorry but many of my favorites authors want to stop writing because of this.

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wattpad has no such tos and the tos legit says please rate stories with excessive bad language and mature themes, as a mature story with an age rating of 16

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There seems to be alot of divide in this thread and on other platforms. It shouldn’t be an us vs them approach; a community is all about working together (and yes, I know how cliche that sounds).

I understand both sides and can see why readers and authors are both hurt- but bickering and undermining each other won’t solve anything. Continue writing, continue reading and continue supporting one another- no matter the rank or reads.

Yeah, the situation sucks, but no one here can make any changes, this is in the hands of the Episode staff. Hopefully after the weekend they will be back and ready to answer our questions. Until then, there isn’t a need to worry.

We are super lucky to even have this community in the first place, and I for one am grateful for all the friends and memories I’ve made along the way.

Let’s not lose sight of what’s important.

(PS. I know some people have been hurt by this whole scenario, feel free to reach out for a chat if anyone needs!) :heart:


WriterLb, Miriam and Jalissa’s stories have been stolen…that’s horrible, I have no words.


Wait now can stole stories too?

apparently it is in the TOS. which is bs

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That’s not freaking fair, what’s happening to episode…