Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


I think there needs to be a balance. I understand wanting some form of pay if you’ve worked hard (don’t we all wanna be paid for doing what we love) and it’s awful when their opportunities are taken away from them like what Episode have been doing.

BUT at the same time, a story by an author who focusses solely on reads and ranks is not a story I’d want to read. That’s how quality dips. Ultimately stories should be about the… well, the stories


Completely agree with this.


Y’all saying all your hard work is not being noticed? Well that’s a lie cause y’all are getting paid


Exactly who are you talking to? Not everyone here has qualified for writers’ payments.


I’m not getting payed? Are you? Some people don’t use it or can’t.


I see were your coming from


You dont understand. She never said she was more important than anyone. I personally feel for smaller authors and wish they could get more recognization but some of you tend to forget that we ALL started from NOTHING. We all had 0 reads, we all had to work hard, to publish chapter after chapter before finally getting some recognization. And now when were ‘at the top’ its just like some people hate us for being popular! I dont think we deserve to be hated just because readers like to read our stories. I am THANKFUL for every reader, every fan and I will never stop claiming it. I would be NOTHING without my readers, without my followers but this doesnt mean I dont deserve to find new readers just because one of my story has lots of reads, I m sorry but this makes no sense to me. Yes the rank system affects me cause I earn money and yes I know this is not a safe job but I chose to take the risk. Why? Simply because it is my passion and I’d rather write than do anything else in the world. For 2 years I’ve earned more than a simple job would give me in France so YEAH I took the opportunity, like many other authors. Now seeing you all blaming us for that is upsetting me very much. ‘Real’ authors take risks too, they dont know how much books they will sell, how much money they will make when writing a book, singers, painters (etc) too, this is the ARTIST LIFE, it is risky and sometimes unfair but we are PASSIONATE and so that’s why we choose to take that kind of risks, because we love what we do and it doesnt give you the right to judge us for our choices. By working full time on episode, we can work more which means we update more which means we make our readers more happy to have 4/5 chapters a month instead of one. No we are not entitled to our rank, weve got to work harder and harder just like everyone else to stay where we are, we can make mistakes too, publish a non popular story too, being popular doesnt mean being forever at the top unlike what some of you may think. I personally had multiple offers from other companies and declined them because I love my readers and I love the episode app so yeah, I would be disappointed if this rank thing stayed the same.


This :raised_hands:t2:




It’s important to know what everyone is affected somehow by this change, we all need to be there for each other because arguing won’t get us anywhere.

None of us like the ranking change, am I right? The only way to express our opinion is to speak to @Liz or one of the administrators.

Getting upset will not help. I love to write and I get people’s frustration and annoyance but honestly ranting won’t get you anywhere.

It’s best to speak about it in a respectful way.


And this is the kinda stuff I love to see as a reader! :smiley:


I’m glad to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely right @Lili27! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


PREEAACHHH. I’ve seen many authors complain about their stories drop to the hundreds. But I’m an author, who has just reached number like 12457 and I’m still happy. These authors need to realise that they are in a place which others want to be, yet they want more?


Exactly, whilst getting a spot in the top ranks is incredible, it’s not everything and it’s not always about the number.

Congrats on writing a story though, that in itself is awesome and I hope you have many happy writing days ahead! :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what a bunch of authors are saying, they are like I deserve to still have my ranking but maybe you don’t , maybe other authors are getting more reads than you and they deserve to be at that ranking now


I completely agree. It’s hard for everyone at this point not just bigger read authors. I just hope this issue is resolved.


A lot of us are still writing just not publishing, this won’t stop me writing but if I publish and gains no traction, everything we have worked so hard for is for nothing.


:kissing_heart: but I am so happy that there are authors like Mystique and Miss Mj who do not care about this. Yes they are pissed that their work has dropped but they are carrying on with their writing only stopping at holidays or when their creativity runs dry. But some authors need to appreciate what they have!