Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


I have 300 story reads and tbh I really don’t mind. For me as I writer it’s not about the number of story reads I get it’s the quality of the story that matters more to me.

I love feeling motivated to write and I love the stories I write but authors who have millions of reads should be grateful and not complain that they dropped a couple of reads.

So what?

There’s authors out there with pratically no reads you should be a bit thankful that you have a massive amount of story reads.


Biggest scandals in history:
1972: Watergate
2018: EpisodeRankingGate


Appreciate what you have and be grateful. Don’t take it for granted.



So true


I’m sorry to say this, but why would you ‘fix’ something that doesn’t need to be fixed? We all liked the system before this update. A lot of my friends are being discouraged to write now and are going on ‘strike’. Why focus on something that we don’t want fixed. Focus on what we’ve been asking for. Like diversity, curvy figures and so on. Also stop stealing ideas of authors, like The K*ss List, and Time After Time are all Ideas stolen from authors on episode. You guys need to smarten up or else no one is going to want to be a part of this community anymore.


I’ll use my own stories as an example (since I know what the reads have been since the glitch- I track these things lol).
One is showing as #168 overall (and #2 in horror) and one of my others is showing as #5712 overall. Even with being in these new positions for over a day now, the one at #5712 has gained more reads lol.
I know for a fact that the story trending at #2 in horror does not have the reads to warrant being in that position.




Y’all acting like they are updating one a month but they are not, it’s just once a day and y’all don’t know if it wasn’t broken, maybe episodes see things y’all don’t


Well most people if not any have complained about the ranking.


I totally understand your frustration. Just know that in the readers opinion, it’s not for nothing- your fans and their loyalty is still here, regardless of if the ranks are or not. :slight_smile:


As weird as I sound, I’m a small author (as I said before) I started writing in OCTOBER so I know that this world doesn’t want stories from a 13 year old girl who can’t update every week because of my tests. I figured this out when I started. Besides this is a hobby, and I can’t be paid. So this whole ranking thing doesn’t affect me. I didn’t even know it existed. I learnt how to do this with the help of Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube.




Do any of you recognise this?

Thia is earlgreytea on Instagram expressing her views. Which I feel make sense.


@Liz stop copying other people’s stories it’s not on.


if earlgrey is talking about the heated conversations on this thread, I’d have to disagree because this thread hasn’t been closed and reopened like most other announcements.

But other than that, yes I agree we should be enjoying stories.


She’s right. This is just causing more drama. It seems like Episode is starting a lot of it these days. It’s not like they’re thinking that this won’t upset us at all, they just don’t really care.


2 of my very favorite authors on the app are pretty “famous.”
Just because they are “famous” doesn’t mean they work harder than non famous authors .

Don’t equate fame with hard work.


Most famous episode authors have worked hard to be famous I never once said that they work harder then non famous authors, like myself. We all work hard on our stories regardless if they have more reads or not.


Sorry for having an opinion.


The issue is that they are bashing and belittling the current trending authors. No one is saying they didn’t work hard to get where they are. I don’t know wha algorithm is being used to generate the current trending section, but I see some really big authors on the top trending section still.

Big authors who are bashing the current trending authors are bullies and have shown their true colors.
You can be upset but when you start attacking people and putting them down for something they can’t even control, it makes me, a reader, NOT want to read their stories anymore.