Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


Give us the old ranking system back like seriously this affects authors negatively so much. Have you seen what’s going on on instagram? Authors are going on strike. It’s so demotivating.


Yep, that’s exactly what it is :woman_shrugging:t3:

Funny how no one was informed of the new TOS update…


Exactly they thought they could get away with it! How dare they not tell us!


Right, they usually do that notification thingy like:
“Hey, the TOS has been updated!” Blah blah

I guess not this time :woman_shrugging:


We had a right to know! This is not!


The use of the word ‘exploit’ doesn’t sit well with me


Isn’t it illegal to change TOS without notification? I could be wrong or that could just be a UK thing?


Pros and cons? All established authors have their stories at #40 or lower now. All the top 2 in every section like Bronte’s Golden Girl, Katrine’s Broke AF have been flushed down to top 60.

There are no pros and cons.
The system doesn’t work.


We have to remember that some authors get paid for their stories.

If they are knocked down from the trending section then there is a possibly that any or all new readers won’t see their story therefore they don’t get paid.

Not 100% how the payment system works


Ikr! Smh.




But Episode didn’t promise everyone that payment would always be the same. It works with reads, the less reads you get the less money you gain.


So since the episode writers are incapable of writing a decent story, they decide to STEAL from competent people? This is stealing and taking advantage of people,most of those people are in high school and college students. They take the time out of their busy schedule to write…but this is their job, this is their busy schedule. This is wrong

It had to be said I am not sorry at all


This is fucked up




Please talk about this issue here, because your post may get flagged for being off-topic :black_heart: (Im just mad as you)


You need to delete your account for that


This new so-called ”Ranking and Trending Section” in the app got advantages and disadvantages in both ways but mainly a lot more disadvantage of the way they effecting (I don’t want to call them the higher authors or the popular authors); I want to use a proper word for those who worked their butt off from being to nothing to get to the top is frustrating them not to either publish their new stories or updating their stories and is making them not to have any motivation to do so because not only they love what they doing (obliviously writing stories for their fans or readers or for Episode to read to also take notice of their hard work) but there are few who do this as their full-time job and getting pay for their own stories they wrote that are being known. Especially Episode that is taking other authors stories and turning it into something else completely different, meaning: the title of the authors own original stories, the plot line that Episode twisted it. Everything is just completely a MESS of this new system for both advance experienced authors and for the ones who want to truly become an author/ writer. Even IF (I say IF) this whole new ranking system is helping those newer writer who want to become an author of their own stories (that is the advantages) but it still going to effect them if they become the top author too.

Taken for example, I’m not an author yet, and I truly want to become an author due to personal reasons but I have not yet publish any stories because I want to discover more of what Episode can offer into this community. I don’t want to write stories that supposedly my hard work is just for nothing and that’s what other authors are feeling. Authors who is at the top deserves more than the new updating rank system that is messing a whole lot of ish for them and also I’m not leaving out the newer authors but they also deserves more to because not only we want to get notice but is going to hurt both ways if they were to be at the top like the top authors and I’m speaking this in my own opinion.

I think it would be best if you reconsider your updating.



Here it says they can adapt, edit modify blah blah blah your story, without selling it to them.


Correct me if I’m wrong or misreading this information. Okay, even @PerplexedJam owns the right to her stories but the main question is what right do Episode have from what taking other authors stories that they didn’t personally sell their own stories to them?