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Episode's shadiness

"You further hereby irrevocably grant Episode Interactive the unconditional right to use and exploit your name, voice, persona and likeness included in any user content and in connection."
… I have no words. This is a problem that needs to be brought to light… What a cruel company to sneak that in there & now if anyone wants to sue them for stealing your work, you can’t…


If they steal your work you can’t do anything about it??


From my understanding that’s what it looks like. They’re smart to put that in there but also incredibly cruel. I hope this gets as much attention as the ranking update also. They need to take that off wtf.


That’s definitely some ”ish” right there.

Episode highlight responded:

If any of you haven’t seen it yet… Shaking my head🤦🏽‍♀️.

I love this community and Episode Interactive App. It gives me so much to escape from and to even be able to express myself into my stories, once again haven’t published yet. I hope they do better.


Lol I hope they’re ready for thousands of emails.


Thank you :joy: I understand completely :heart:


“expressing your <3 for community authors” … that you can legally steal from. :angry:


So many strange things have been brought to light in this thread… hope we can get an explanation for all of it soon.


The TOS are more than fair. Read them again. Also, a lot of authors are posting about the TOS being fine, and how this is a huge misunderstanding.


It’s also not a fixed rate.
At any time the rate could drop drastically and you’d have no control over it. Relying on Episode for your sole/main source of income is definitely risky. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why some authors would go down that route, but there are so many variables that you can’t control yourself that choosing to pursue this full time is a massive gamble.


Just want to say that I’m annoyed they post this on Instagram but forums gets nothing. Annoyed, but not surprised.


That’s funny bc they stole 2 stories written by community authors that were not sold to them & were able to get away with it. Maybe bc it states in the TOS that they can now legally do anything w/ community authors stories? I will read it in full but there’s no way you can mistake that part.


I read the TOS, all of it, and I understood it like that too. I really wish you were right tho @AvidReader


Geez. Nothing on the forums and only instagram? This is absurd. The most important platform is the one they created is it not? :woman_facepalming:


I’m done. The mass hysteria around this rankings issue is so unwarranted. It was clear from the start that episode would fix things, and yet people are moaning and groaning that their lives are “over” because of this glitch. It’s barely been a day and a half. Life isn’t over. THINGS WILL BE FIXED. I am so disappointed in a lot of authors, especially some of the biggest ones on Episode right now. I am done reading from these people because they only care about shit when it affects them, and they’ve been complaining for over a day and blaming smaller authors.

What about diversity issues? Nobody raises a fuss over those. But there’s a temporary glitch for less than a full weekend and people absolutely lose their minds. SMH.


They are acting worse then children…:roll_eyes:


So true.




They never make a song and dance about diversity issues and yet when one glitch occurs everyone is acting stupidly. There’s bigger issues to solve and honestly its embarrassing.

Yes we understand you are upset, we do. But there’s no need to act like a pack of wild animals and get all fused about it. IT WILL BE SOLVED. Gosh…

Don’t go blaming smaller authors for “taking your position” YOU DON’T OWN IT! It’s not their fault your stories are going higher in the ranks


They can’t solve a glitch with another glitch.