Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


In a week (the most) this glitch will be fixed. And the trending section will go back to the same old stories. Let’s just see how fast they will fix it


lmao people are acting like WW3 just broke out. Like seriously chill, and everything will go back to how it’s supposed to be within days. :joy:


That’s what I’m betting on, and when it is fixed. I’ll revisit this thread and leave a message. I hope yall prove me wrong this time


I’m sort of glad this glitch happened because it allowed me to see people’s true colors.


Now we know how popular authors view the none popular authors because we just don’t work as hard as they do


Everyone works equally as hard on their stories regardless if they have tons of reads or not.


I know that but not everyone does


I just saw some responses from popular authors talking about how they worked so hard… but their stories are exactly what the demographic want (cliche, bad boys etc.) Imagine trying to write what’s not popular on episode. You would never make it & that’s why hidden gems stay hidden.


this is just my opinion but I don’t like how this became about money once popular authors found out it would affect their pay check and only then did it turn into an outrage/hysteria on Instagram when it’s been like two days for the glitch which we don’t even know how it would truly affect the top 100 stories had it not been glitching.This isn’t about money, it’s about being on your rank fair and square for EVERYONE (whether if they are paid or not) which is what I am in full support of.


what are their reasonings/arguments for the TOS being fair?


“Read carefully, don’t jump into conclusions”

And the stupidest one “be professional”

I wonder how that author would react if her story got stolen smh


It almost makes you wonder… why big authors would be defending episode… like, could they have a reason for it? I just can’t quite out my finger on it… maybe something monetary? To do With… who’s paying their bills?

I mean. almost


yikes. I hope someone has a valid reason/explanation to make the TOS more justifiable. It’s kind of confusing to me, because episode seem to contradict themselves multiple times


And if there ends up being no valid explanation and it’s not a misunderstanding I will seriously consider not publishing my story that I’ve spent so much time on :upside_down_face: I don’t want to move to wattpad, because I feel like my story writing style won’t suit it very much


Good to hear some of them have integrity, I assumed as much :smiley:


Thank God they did, makes me respect them so much for that.

Cindy Gaultier is going on strike, and put down the authors who are trending right now. I unfollowed her and will no long support her stories.


Authors who are saying they are going on strike and not writing, how is that hurting episode? They are only hurting themselves but not writing and updating. If y’all losing money it’s because y’all refuse to update because of this new system


Exactly! I think most people feel that way.


most forum-only people feel this way :disappointed_relieved: I don’t think people who have instagram care that we didn’t get an “official update” :pleading_face:


MissMj and J.miley aren’t on strike, for that I respect them however authors like Kaytee and Cindy have lost my respect.