Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


I feel like this situation is exactly what Seth from Glitch Girl was planning all along. That or Episode was throwing us some hints :eyes:


I mean with regards to the being worried about being out of a job they can join the club. I’d love to have more sympathy, but eh. I have difficulty mustering it.

As i said though. If some of them have integrity, good on them. But if they still defend Episode with what came out recently, I have a little less sympathy


Empathy, however, I can manage. It must suck, fair enough


I really do find it funny with the way this community reacted about this vs how they reacted when people were being literal racists.


So happy that Zee (author of Dark Side Daddy) just updated a few hours ago. Also happy about Miss MJ and J Miley (one of my favorites).

The fact that some authors are acting like they’re ENTITLED to the top ranks is what bugs me. That, and they don’t care about their readers, just their money and ranking.


Thought I would post this here to help the Episode team visualise how we are feeling :slight_smile:

  • I Prefer the Old Ranking System (Before the Update)
  • I Prefer the New Ranking System (After the Update)

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same! I keep seeing people on strike as well. I understand but to me that’s a little petty.


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I dislike this option. I think its unfair for those authors who are trying to gain rank. I know for my personal experience as an episode author its been difficult trying to gain rank.
Just my opinion, try to keep things similar in the future including speechbubble styles, ranking, the way our stories appear on the app…


I just don’t like the fact you used privileged and white together. anyway, that’s super off topic :laughing:


Ahh, I don’t mean any offense. Privileged in certain ways, not all! Sorry, I know it can sound offensive I’ve had it directed at myself as an insult too :sweat_smile: no hate, I promise


It’s all cool my dude :wink:


Ok you just admitted that small authors have no chance at contests :worried: But hell, we all knew that already.


I’m writing a year and a half and I’m very active in community. Nevertheless my IG followers don’t go much up like in other cases and my reads take average 700 on a story.

I’m doing my best to write good stories and we all have same goal, to be noticed and to be payed. Well I satisfy with less, after everything I still didn’t give up.

This glitch is not the only one in Episode app. I think much more worse glitch which I and some other writers have, is not counting reads. Tablets not counted at all. Things are not fair from the root, this is just a little thing. One more glitch and certainly not the last or the only one.


Also, I want to say that I’m not on a side. I’m neutral in this situation, I’m not going to contribute to the drama. I just stated my opinion and that’s it. :purple_heart:

History of how my personal ranks have moved around

On the first day this was announced

A day after the announcement

Roughly 12 hours later

1 hour later

A day later

So a little back story for context… I sit comfortably around the top 100 of the comedy genre. If I’ve recently updated or if I have just had a shoutout from an author with a large following, it usually spikes to the 40s. The highest I’ve ever been in this genre is #18 and that was about a month and half ago and I was there for about 2 hours, before going down to the 40s again. I think when this update was announced, I was at #102 if I remember correctly (It’s been exactly a month since I updated btw). I don’t pay too much attention to my trending rank as much as I do my genre, but I’m usually around 1000s and I occasionally cross the border into the 900s but usually doesn’t last long.

So, as I said, on the first day I noticed my ranks were still moving around a bit. Not significantly, but up and down a few spots which was not unusual.

The next day, I noticed my genre rank went to #70-something in comedy, but my trending rank was still the same as it was the day before. About 12 hours later, the opposite happened; My overall rank changed, but by genre one stayed the same. Then an hour later, my genre changed (and significantly too) but the trending rank stayed the same. For the record, I checked to see if I was as high up in the comedy genre as my portal was telling me I was, and I couldn’t find my story at the time.

The day after, my genre rank was still the same (#24 btw… and I checked again to see if I was 24th on the comedy ranks on the app and I was this time) as it was the day before, but now my overall rank had also jumped about 700 spots and was now #361 which is the highest I’ve ever seen it.

So… I guess I am one of these “middle” level authors who a few people are complaining about because we accidentally overtook all the usual trending stories. Not going to lie, I did have a spike in my reads. I gained probably about 1500 reads over the weekend. It’s hard to say if this is unusual though, because before my last update, I had only just reached 4000k reads, and after I updated on the 17/11 with only one episode I had a massive spike and reached 10k reads. So, for me at least, it’s very hard to know if I’m getting reads because my story’s just being shared more or if it’s thanks to my new found exposure? Does gaining 6k reads over the span of a month mean that my 1.5k gain over the weekend was normal jump? Either way, it’s pretty obvious I’m not in my right spot because whilst 1.5k reads seems a lot to me, it’s nowhere near close to the amounts other people have been saying they’ve gotten. So I’m sorry to all the people who feel I’ve stolen their spot. I don’t think I’ve done too much damage to the overall trending stories, but I am terribly sorry to any comedy writers who now can’t feed their kids because I was ranked #24 in comedy for a whole day.

Awkward moment when I remember I said this earlier:

Since it clearly did affect me, just not in the same way it appears to have affected everyone else.


UPDATE: At 1pm AEST, my genre rank changed, but my trending rank has stayed the same. I am now at #41 in comedy, in case anyone was wondering. Also, if anyone’s seeing this and has also been trying to track how often their own ranks have been changing and by how much, I’d love to hear it.


Hahaha this is great. I’ve been watching my numbers all weekend mostly because I find this super amusing.

:rofl: You horrible person.


I have 8 stories but 5 of them have fluctuated the most- 3 tanked and 2 glitched “up”.

My biggest “win” is Hit and Run that went from #8-10 in horror (but around 1000 overall in the app) to #167 total and #2 in horror (briefly at #1 apparently but I never got to see that in the app :disappointed_relieved:). It’s sitting at number 5 after the last refresh.

My biggest “loss” is Maternal Instincts (previously my highest trending story) which went from #14 in Thriller and #500 overall to #178 in Thriller and #5712 overall. After the last refresh, it seems to be at #276 in Thriller (same overall rank).

My other story that “glitched up” (Cyberstalk- went from #100 to #28 in Mystery) seems to be heading back to normal now (currently at #40) but the other “tankers” are still trending badly. I’ve definitely lost reads however, they were somewhat balanced out by the reads gained on Hit and Run (and my biggest “tanking” story still did reasonably well, I think because it’s still getting shared around a little (although definitely not as well as it normally would)).


How’s that hidden story of yours been going through all this? :smirk:

Ok, whilst that did have my usual sarcastic tone attached to it, I do sincerely mean it. If there’s someone out there that has lost so much profit because of me that they can’t feed their family, I really do feel bad for them. Especially because it was a glitch so I didn’t earn this spot. However, previous statement still stands… Once all these author’s are forced to discontinue their stories due to episode not fixing all these issues and the authors being on strike, that’s when I’ll make my move :smiling_imp: #Wazza

Anyway, you reminded me about my other stories…
I don’t check them as often because I completed them ages ago.
They’re all pretty normal looking to me:
#209 in genre, #3025 overall
#39716 in genre, #94021 overall
#753 in genre, #12642 overall
#3038 in genre, #99701 overall


Has not budged at all :rofl: Currently at a lovely #60,893 in total trending.

I would have died if it had somehow glitched it’s way all the way up :rofl:

I’m a little curious to know how many reads people really did lose as a result of this. Usually glitches like this get fixed in a few hours (at most) so I’m sure this hurt a few people.
I think most will probably recover after the glitch, especially if they update. It might be harder for a completed story maybe?


So today I was bouncing in real time between 74 & 78 with my main story in romance, when the refresh occurred around 9:30 est I was put at rank #129 with trending user rank at 245 it was 246 last night, I got around 2500 reads today, I know that isn’t a lot but… I think its a decent amount for a small author with only one story that has over 10K reads, my other story that is rank 606 and trending user rank 1070 which hasn’t changed since yesterdays refresh got an additional 66 reads today, (it is a brand new story with only 3 chapters) I did notice that the rank was changing through out the day because my main story switched position a few times, like I said bouncing between #74 and #78