Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


I believe the rank changes depending on when you get reads. Like I got reads immediately after the rank changed and then I got no reads for the day, my ranking dropped when it changed the next day. But the next day I got reads some hours before the rank was going to change and my ranking changed higher by like 50 spots only.


Update: It looks like I got another change to my genre rank. #56 in comedy now.

I know a lot of us are upset about the glitch itself but I find it funny that episode can’t seem to stick to what they say. They tell us they’re only going to update it ONCE a day, but mine’s moved again, after only two hours.


I think we can safely say they’re systems are completely jacked up right now. Lol. Mine has only moved once today.


What they need to do, and a lot will get super upset… But, what they need to do is, shut the app off for an hour to a few. They need to completely test out all glitches for portal and on app, and update the whole system. Yeah, they may lose some time making money, but if it makes their customers/supporters/readers happier after it’s all done, then they should do it. Playstation and lots of other companies do it all the time. I think it’d be for the best for us and for them.


I’m still confused on how the fudge this ranking system even works? Like, I see y’all getting upset, and from what I understand I can see why, but still. Huh???


Lol I find it weird that everyone complains on Instagram but the forums get nothing, is it just me?


Haha I love how you kind of apologized for getting a higher rank than you expected :smiley: I don’t think you should be sorry for this because:

  1. No one should blame the authors who somewhat benefited from this glitch because it’s obviously not their fault
  2. Your story deserves to be there :wink:

For the record, I haven’t really track my rankings but whenever I checked my stories, they were more or less on the spot where they should normally be with the amount of reads I’ve been getting, so I guess I wasn’t affected that much.


Yeah, but there’s no way Episode will be sorry about this, so I will be sorry instead. Episode has made me feel guilty for being an innocent bystander and getting unfairly dragged up the ranks :confused:

Well, I’d like to think so… (Also thank you hehe) But I’d also like to feel like I’ve earned it too, which I can’t say that I do right now because it is mostly due to this glitch… But I guess if I’m lucky I’ve gained more loyal readers who can bring my rank up higher again once the glitch is fixed and I actually update lol.


Well, we’re glad you were the lucky one :wink: For example I wasn’t…


People never care about something until it affects them.


Like I’m here like, I feel bad for those authors who poured their heart and soul into a story which became number 1 then this caused them to go to like 2230 even though they have like thousands of reads. But this doesn’t affect me at all. I’m still one of those unknown authors who doesn’t give a damn about the ranks…


^This is sooooo true! Like with Episode stealing stories. People won’t care unless it happens to them.


Sorry to hear that, I hope my comment didn’t come out like I was bragging or something (I got a very few reads during the weekend so my ranks are pretty bad anyways :laughing:)
I actually left another 10 posts in this thread about how this whole system is messed up so the fact that I was personally not affected doesn’t make me feel better.


Well my rankings seem to be adjusting again. It’s a bit earlier than I was expecting, so maybe they’re fixing things?
So far it’s just the genre rankings. They’re not back to normal, but they look better than they did :rofl:


My genre range has changed again. #61 - Possible that this is actually where I’m supposed to be since I did actually get some consistent reads thank to the extra exposure over the weekend. My trending rank is still unchanged #361… I feel like this one is still a glitch. This is the fourth time my genre rank has changed without my trending rank changing.


My overall ranks still look wayyyyy off but I’ve gone from all three of my thrillers in the 300s to all of them around the 50 mark :rofl:. I personally don’t think they’re completely correct yet (as the one of the three that has the highest rank, received the least amount of reads over the weekend) but they look better.
Hit and Run is still sitting at #5 but as I was at #8 before the glitch, I don’t think that’s too much of a stretch.
Cyberstalk has gone back to the high 50s which is probably correct lol.


I just received this reply from support:


Thanks for replying. There will be a fix released within the next two days that should hopefully resolve this issue. The previous ranking system will be restored and affected story ranks should normalize by mid-week. Please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue by the end of this week, or if you have any additional questions.

We would like to thank you very much for being a member of the Episode community, and we sincerely apologize once again for any inconvenience this has caused.


:thinking: …HA HA HA


Lol nearly an entire week with a glitch that affects peoples reads (and in some cases, income).