Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


I have so many thoughts and feelings about this. I don’t even know where to begin…

Guess they didn’t want to try and meet us in the middle by updating 4 or 5 times instead…

I’m a little annoyed that no one official has commented on this thread about this change or made a new announcement thread.

Sad that #Wazza won’t get a chance to take advantage of the rankings glitch.

Impressed that there was so many disagreements on this thread and yet it managed to stay open the entire time. :astonished:

Also, slightly disheartened because it feels like this change is only because some of the app’s top community authors got involved. Is it just me who feels this way?


Let’s just wait for it to crash again. Then they’ll have no other choice :rofl:
This whole once-a-day update had “this is going to glitch” written all over it.

Bahahahhaa maybe it’ll glitch again just for Shazza and Wazza.

The arguments/opinions on this thread seemed a lot more civil than some of the IG rants :rofl:. I’ve seen a few people get called out.

Nope. Not just you.


You seem to have so much faith :joy:

Shazza and Wazza don’t need no glitch, they can get there on their own, I’m sure of it


I’m the kind of person who’s usually like “glitches happen, it’s cool, we all make mistakes” but I feel like I’ve been saying that an awful lot since I started writing on Episode :rofl:


Overall trending rank updated… Goodbye #316 and helloooo #5659. I feel like I’m back home now :grinning:


Look all y’all complaining did the trick, congratulations, now we will have all the same stories on top and all y’all authors who feel entitled will get to continue being entitled :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Just like everyone else, I too am not liking this whole ranking system. My story was usually Ranked between the 100’s and 200’s. Now it’s close to 10,000 -_- This is extremely frustrating, considering a lot of authors put their time and effort to writing stories on YOUR app. The old ranking system really put a competitive spirit at least in my opinion. When I would see my rank, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. It would push me to write more chapters and produce more stories. Now, when I see that I am close to 10,000 on the Rank, I find myself asking the questions "Is writing on Episodes even worth it? "There’s nothing to work towards if my story isn’t going to get circulated properly.


The old ranking system should be back mid week. That is what Episode has mailed the ones who sent a ticket.


Lol I just went from #167 to #7645 which doesn’t seem right either :rofl:

But things seem to be moving in the right direction for me now. My thrillers are moving back down (up?) the ranks and all my stories that glitched up are moving back to where they should be :cry::rofl:


I posted a reply I got from support above. This does appear to be a glitch and not the new ranking system itself (although the change in the calculation frequencies likely caused it?).
Things should be back to normal by mid-week although I feel like it will take a little longer for some stories to gain back the momentum that they’ve lost.


Hey guys idk if you heard but they are fixing it and it’s going back to the old ranking system :slightly_smiling_face:


I never heard it was going back to the old ranking system? I thought they were only fixing the glitch??


Based on what they sent @EliseC, it sounds like they reverting it back to the old system


Same, I haven’t seen anything saying they were going back to the old system.


Read this post. Elise got a reply to a ticket she submitted


I wonder if anyone else got that as well.


They have. I’ve seen the same email circulating around :rofl:

Because you know it’s copy-paste


I already think that my rankings have changed several times over the past few hours :joy:


Same. My genre rank has been going back one and two spots every so often. My overall trending rank jumped up and I’m back in top 1000


Well, I think the overall ranking is still glitching for some people, like me :sweat_smile: Our college days entry is 280 in Comedy (which seems normal) and 114083 overall :joy: