Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


I have to add an update on this because I actually got more reads yesterday than on Sunday but all my ranks are much worse now. I have a story, which was #177 in Comedy yesterday and 3000 something overall. Now it is #4189 in Comedy and #112879 overall and I nearly got the same amount of reads on both days :laughing:


You jinxed yourself yesterday and now look what’s happened. Glitch… or curse? :thinking:


the new system would have still allowed the same authors to be on top… the only reason they weren’t was because of the massive glitching


I still don’t know why some people refused to believe it was the same glitch that has been around for over two years :joy:
It seems like it’s getting a bit better, except I just checked my ranks and two of my stories are reportedly both trending at #14. In horror. Together… at the same time.

And @Annieways, that seems to be happening for everyone. The author who ended up at #1 in romance during the glitch reported that she got fewer reads on her story than she usually does at a lower ranking.
I experienced something similar too: my less popular horror was at #4 and got 1,000 reads in the last 3 days, whereas my more popular one got 3.000 and was at #94 in horror.
I don’t know why this happened, despite the extra exposure for the stories at the top. :woman_shrugging:


Happy to be trending again with you :purple_heart: I’m glad that everything is back to normal again.


Don’t feel down about it! Rankings don’t really matter! :blush:


I know :joy:
My own rankings were too weird and all over the place to support any other possible system. I love numbers and patterns but there was no logical sense behind what was going on.

Well most of mine seem to be back to normal now. I still have some weird overall rankings, but my genre rankings are better. They’re lower than what they were before the glitch but I know I lost some reads so they’re probably about right.

And @Amberose apparently my embarrassing first story did actually glitch as it’s made it’s way back up to #50,679 overall despite absolutely no reads over the past… 1.5 weeks :rofl:


Everything seems to be back, let’s see when Episode will change it back. (Updating servers constantly costs a lot of money)


To the people who’re lamenting on the loss of unique stories. I wonder whether you guys know what the purpose of a trending section is? Also the the “unique” stories which you are seeing is not because of the NEW ranking system. It’s because of a GLITCH! The only change that was made by the new system was the delay in refreshing of the trending section. So basically the stories would be the same as before. I think people really need to look up what trending means. If people like to read the same stories, blame it on them. Also all the stories in the trending section are no way the same. There are cliches but all of them are not. You like unique stories, use the search feature. Episode releases weekly shelves. Also a thing which is trending is determined upon the rate of increase of people reading a story. More reads = better ranking. I’m sorry but the trending section is not a place for critical work. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading quality stories but don’t forget the purpose of the trending section. Also unique stories have also trended in the past. Nowhere did I bash the new system. That was a GLITCH, not the new system. Pls carefully reread what @Liz said at the beginning of the post(how the new system works) Thank you :pray::slight_smile:


I love this new ranking system :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hi everyone! We’ve posted an update and breakdown of the Rankings and Trending Section. You can read all about it here:

@AWeirdo @EliseC @Sarahsunshine @Lili27 @CourtneyBenjamin @amberose @mei @Tessx


Well seems like most of the completed stories that have been complete for months are back on top now, It was nice being in the “spotlight” for a couple of days :joy::joy::joy:


Actually, one of the (in my opinion) best College Days entries and one of the winners comes from a first time author, who just did amazing work. :slight_smile: Not saying that it is not harder to get attention for a story if an author just started out. But it is proven possible and contests are a great chance for that.


What Cindy said. Just remember, like you guys told everyone, reads and rankings aren’t important. You should be writing for passion!


Fortunately I don’t particularly care about rankings, placement, I write because I enjoy it, but it’s certainly nice when someone finds your work and enjoys it. I don’t get paid to write, I do it for fun, but then again I wasn’t throwing a fit about losing rankings or income so…


That’s good, write for passion. :slight_smile:


As a new author, I must say it’s super discouraging when you see that a story has little reads and feedback. Instead of this new system, it would be great if you highlighted more the newest stories. Right now it’s not possible for us, newbies, to get any readers because of being #8543342 in the ranking…

Another thing, could you implement the shelf which sorts stories by art style? Covers nowadays don’t show the actual art style of the story. It would be cool to add shelves like Limelight, Ink, and Classic.

And lastly, why don’t you delete locked and deleted stories? I’ve seen many of those. It would definitely help. Also PLEASE PLEASE add “DELETE YOUR STORY” in the writers portal. My story has been deleted for months and it’s still on the app…


There’s a way to delete your story:

Follow this guide and you’ll delete it.

And for your rank to be higher, I suggest you publish a new episode at least once a month. It’ll be even better if you can do weekly.


Hi, thanks for linking, however the story will still be present on Writer’s Portal and you’ll still see it pop up sometimes under your profile on the app however it shouldn’t be visible to others (like a banned story).

In the meantime, if anyone hasn’t already, I’d suggest they go support this thread:

Anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone, enjoy you day/night! :blue_heart:


Question, Does this include updates to when our stories appear. So If I was to publish a new story, would I have to wait till the the calculations happen for my story to be added to New user stories or will it appear automatically? :open_mouth: