Update to Story Ranking and Trending Section Calculations


Genuinely who decided this would be a good idea…? It is far from it. Like many people have stated they don’t get stability, one minute they’re #5839 in trending and then the next they’re #8? It makes no sense. Looking at the bigger picture, the episode team has repeatedly failed their whole audience, authors and readers! It seems like it is getting harder for us to gain an audience base, as Episode is coming up with ridiculous ideas that practically go agaisnt us all, even if you’re a “small” writer, “big” writer or a reader we’re all affected!


Omg look how quickly this thread died after the update was reversed :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I love how many people said this affects all of us and now they disappeared :speak_no_evil::eyes:


Isn’t that a good thing? I mean, the ranking example, i would LOVE THAT! MORE READERS! THANK GOD!!! I only HOPE that my ranking will change that drastically! :heart_eyes:


Actually, if you go to the profile section of your app, you can look at your published stories and hide them by tapping on the eye ball at the top right corner and then tapping on the button on the pop up that will come up to confirm it.


Because it has been solved for now. :woman_shrugging: It did affect all of us. Now it doesn’t anymore because it’s been reversed. What would you like to see people contribute to this now?


Its going to be back soon, just because it’s reversed now doesn’t mean Episode won’t update it again. We are a community right? Lets talk to them so next time if theres an update that affects “all of us” they will ask us.


I am waiting for the next steps :slight_smile: If the update actually works and doesn’t produce another glitch, it is something we can have a look at and see how it plays out. Although I am still worried it will make it much harder to have a newer story be visible. But atm there is not much to say about it for me (which I haven’t already said the first day), because it has not happened yet.


I do agree, but again I think I’d prefer stability it’d be all over the place. x


Well that’s better


Ever since they “rolled back” the rankings, mine has had a nonstop glitch. My story always ranks between 100 and 300 (unless I publish). Since the rollback, it is stuck at 5,000+ and has not moved in a genre that doesn’t have 5,000 stories.

I’ve submitted a ticket but I have zero faith in Episode being able to do anything about it, since there’s always an issue with something.

Thanks Episode, for “fixing” what wasn’t broken and then failing to rollback correctly. Much appreciated.


Both the old and the new system sucks big time. I have been on the app for a little over a year and wrote my first story a year ago. I was naive thinking anyone would read what I wrote, As a new and unknown writer nobody can find your stories so you are basically writing a diary. It kills your motivation when you get that few reads. I think my stories are pretty advanced to some I find on the shelves aswell so I guess if you were around when the app was new you get more reads cause the competition weren’t so big. I have one story with 138 reads and 7 chapters and my newest that was released in october only has 28 reads and 4 chapters and I guess by Episode standards it’s not new anymore now. So should I write an new storie with 100 chapters and publish the whole thing only when it’s finished to get some reads on this app or what?
Why can’t episode have a shelf that isn’t based on reads? There should be one for small writers that is random and maybe changes every day or every other day or something like that, only containing stories with 0-500 reads, otherwise people will get bored and stop writing.


Same, when I published my first story, I got to 20 readers in 4 months. I thought I was the next big hit or something. :speak_no_evil:

I wish they would create a section like “Fresh and Good” and put newly published stories with fewer reads. Ofc they can check out the content of it to see if its good or not but let’s be honest, are trending stories that great? No. Are stories by new authors that great? No. Why? It’s subjective! So, Episode can actually interact with their community and look through forums, find feedbacks on new stories, read them and actually create a section that refreshes at least weekly. It’s not that hard :speak_no_evil:


I wish they would separate the trending “finished” stories, a lot of stories that are constantly getting reads have been finished for months… they shouldn’t be in the same section of stories that are updated constantly regardless how many reads they have, I wish I knew their secret, when I publish a new chapter my ranking goes up for a few days, but unless I produce another chapter in that time frame my ranking drastically changes, love to know how these stories can get some many reads daily when they aren’t even producing chapters anymore…

their secret:

i know their secret!! make bad boy and gangster, and illegal teacher and student shit instead of making an original and creative story. that’ll show em :wink:


If you paid attention that was already corrected… hours ago… but yeah thanks for letting me know about a mistake I already corrected… :roll_eyes:
LOL Sorry I thought you saw my earlier grammatical error, yeah sorry I am not into the bad boy gangsta stories… I’d rather write about real life things I’ve lived then a bunch of BS where boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy treats girl like crap, boy and girl live happily ever after, not saying that doesn’t happen in RL but they never live happily ever after LOL


yea lmao :rofl: i agree


I’m really confused… my story was #138 in trending user stories just a couple of hours ago and now it’s 10228. It only went from 6 in comedy to #7 in comedy. Why such a drastic change?


I am in the same boat with 2 stories, one was 244 all day in romance and knows its 2568 and another was 544 in romance and now its 3076… and they are both getting the same consistent reads that they have received all day.


it looks like it updated