Okay, hey guys,

Soo, Ik this is a big deal but for me like I’ve worked so hard on my story and I don’t feel like ending it all is the right thing. Like if episode takes any story, they could even possibly give credit? You can email them, things they all aren’t super rude … I know i’ma get a lot of backlash for making this bc it really is a big deal but it won’t stop me from writingg…

Still i’m getting really bothered because, we don’t steal their ideas do we? I mean its not like their stories are good in the first place most of the times… Honestly episode should stop being butthurt because we’re getting fed up about their same cliche stories, like okay sorry…

That’s what I think, ik i’ll get lots of backlash but I stated my opinion that’s all. you can state yours in comments too.


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Please dont make duplicate topics about this issue, moderators will merge them :black_heart:

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ooof right, I totally forgot i’m so stupiddd facepalm

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