Update What We Need!

Hello, Episodians.
I decided to express my feelings about the updates issue. When I speak my mind, I have no reason to open any arguement, nor to spread negativity against anyone.
Mainly, I am going to apply to Episode team about this topic (or you could say that it’s about this topic).
So, here goes nothing.

All of you must have seen the last updates (the baseball and spring clothings). I do not have any problems with those updates, they are not bad. But! I am also very disappointed that Episode doesn’t updates us what we need/want in LL, like clothings to represent our/others’ religion, for example: Kippahs, mitpachat (Jewish headscarf), Jewerly with Religions’ symbols (cross, Star of David), more Muslim headscarfs, etc.

I really have and still expect Episode to give us what is really necessary. For example, I suggested long dresses and long skirts, since many, and I mean, many of them are too shorts, especially the skirts and some people here do not feel comfortable to use them (including me). If you want to see and support it, then here’s the link:
CLOTHING: Long Dresses & Long Skirts

In addition, there are hidden things (clothings, poses, etc.) that we can’t use them at all!
Episode team, how do you expect us to make awesome stories by adding more colors and diversity if you do not give us the option to use at least between 50%-70% (or 2-3, I would say like that) of useful hidden things?!

Here are quotes of people here who showed it:

About the proposal pose that is shown above (on the second quote of a post), I am really curious to know - why don’t you add this pose, which can be very useful for us? This is an example of something that I believe many of us need it. The same about the music animations and props. But it’s already an opinion of mine - not the main thing that I am talking about.

Do not get me wrong! I do not try to say that you do not care about our requests at all, but you make it look like you do not care about it (Especially about updating clothings’ or anything that represent my and others’ religion, mainly Judaism and Christianity. Of course Islam as well, even though there are already clothings that represent the religion, but you should add more opportunities of Muslim headscrafs). I know you care, Episode team, I believe so, but not enough :pensive:.

Can anyone of Episode team tell me if you even work on this, at all? Just someone of Episode team, tell me - do you even try to work on religions’ things? I really need somebody to answer me.
If you are planning on designing things that can help all of us represent our religion, how come you do not have any time for doing this, but updating spring and baseball clothings you do have a time for?
I don’t know what about you, Episodians, but it’s really frustrating and disappointing me.


  1. Episodians, please try to stay on topic.
  2. This is not a thread to spread hatred or negativity against anyone or Episode team, so be respectful.
  3. No dramas and arguements. I am stating my opinion about this topic, and it is okay if someone here disagree with it, but I won’t come after anyone.
    Please and thank you.

this is it! @xSundayCoffeex it was outfits not hairstyles lol


agreed, this will help us a lot and we need them to represent our characters properly.


But, the thing is that Episode did not update them and I doubt that they will do so in the near future :roll_eyes:


I guess they will eventually.

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I hope so.

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Whats your view on this one? We really need some music animations, and props!


We need these music animations and props as well. Thank you for reminding me that I forgot to say about it. Will add it now.

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I’m even more mad because I’ve noticed that their are recycling outfits and just changing them a little give them back to us like we are idiots and then you see what they can really do when u see the kiss list outfit. Look for yourself they use the same blazer for males


why doesn’t episode ask us every week what we would like to see or once a month? I mean this could also benefit them ? like one topic on the forums every month asking: What would you guys like to see ? This way they don’t have to think about a certian uhm clothing theme ( I hope I said that right) them selfs ? or they can suggest a few themes and we can choose out of them? I mean it’s not thaat hard to admit to a community that you’re out of idea’s and need a little bit of help? or am I wrong?


Just a reminder that for any of these requests that don’t already have one, you can create feature request threads that the team reviews and fulfills :slight_smile:. It can definitely help get the word out directly to Episode by creating these. Thanks all!


Well, allow me to tell you that people here have already requested the things that I named above.
Here, see the links:

CLOTHING: Kippahs and Tichel!

CLOTHING: More Portions of Hijabs and Headwraps

CLOTHING: Long Dresses & Long Skirts

ACCESSORIES: Jewerly With Religions’ Symbols!

BACKGROUND: Sikh Temples

CLOTHING: Tefillin And Talit For LL

I do not think that someone of Episode team even notices them.


why do I have a feeling they almost never read it though? for example: you see a lot of people asking for more spring dresses and then episode decides you know what we should add baseball clothing! this kinda feels like we aren’t being heard ? atleast this is how I feel I see a lot of people begging for modest clothing or clothing that represent their religion however episode just doesn’t seem to care in my eyes! no they release bunny ears where almost no one asked for!


You are totally right.



And hairstyles, as well as fantasy clothing!


Smh episode


They do their best to avoid questions about new things coming or request on ig they just answered if it’s related to gems


Yep those 27 female hairstyles plus 2 male hairstyles that are in their drawers ( yes I’ve counted) plus some maybe that we don’t even know


Also this. But, we need more clothings, if you ask me.
But, hey, about adding more hairstyles - I am for it.


27?! Wow!