UPDATED 2/26 Forum General Rules



It looks like Detective Pikachu spotted a few new changes to the rules. So gonna bump! :pokeball:




Hiya! I was wondering if this removes the purpose for a general chat section?

I don’t know if this is something you can help me with @Jeremy but it’s worth a try :blush:


Thank you for this, but sometimes people are suffering so much, they need help, and they may not always know who to turn to so maybe they can get helpful advice from the Episode community and perhaps, relate to others. But thank you for linking helpful resources, that’s very much appreciated, I’ll be sure to share this with others so they can get the help they need :revolving_hearts:


If there was no purpose for it we would have removed it :wink: . There are plenty of other topics that the community is already talking about in the Gen Chat that don’t break the forum rules :smiley:


Do you mind me asking what we can use it for now? :sweat_smile:


Anything that doesn’t break the forum rules listed above.


Sorry! I guess I got confused by the episode-related part :flushed:


Just to clarify and address any confusion. These are the Episode Community forums run by Episode. The goal of the forums is to have a safe, secure and fun place for the community to discuss Episode related topics. The forums also include a General Chat section for off topic (non Episode related) talk. As long as everyone follows the rules regarding what cannot be posted on the forums we should have no problems at all :slight_smile: . I hope this helps address your concerns :grin:


I understand


Understood :grin:


I Understand


I understand


I understand


I understand but… are we allowed to mention mental health at all if it doesn’t have the intention of asking for/offering help? @Jeremy @Sydney_H


I understand!!


I understand.


I understand.


i understand but i dont even know how to start a forum lol, can someone help?


Do you mean create a thread?

Here’s how to: Discourse Text Formatting How-to!

& here are rules to follow: Official Tutorial/How-To for the Forums (V2)