Updated Customizable Characters (may 2020)

Does anyone have the updated customizable template with the new hair style? I will 100% as always give credits.

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Dara Amarie has the templates.

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lol thank you i solved my own problem but forgot to close😭 thank you tho💕!

can anyone help me figure out why these templates for having the reader change their characters? i’m new to this and i really want to make a story but every time i use these templates it always say a certain skin tone or eyebrow doesn’t exist and once I take it out it says a different skin tone and eyebrow doesn’t exist and that just really gets me frustrated. Someone please help?

If you’re using my templates, make sure to read the “Common Errors” section. If you’re getting errors about eyebrows not existing, it’s because you most likely didnt change the name to your character’s name.