Updates and Possibly New Story?

Hello Everyone! It’s been a longgggg time since I’ve been on episode/ the forums. So much has happened in my life but I’m finally back. I’m currently in the making of episode 11 of Change Of Heart and I just want to say thank you for all the support you guys are giving me on the book. It blows my mind and I never thought anybody would actually read the book.

I’m also thinking of writing a new story about a rebelious teenager who meets a mysterious man in a bar. Little does she know that the man is an assassin and his leader further tells him to assisisnate the teenager, if that makes sense? It would make a lot more sense if you read the story.

But what to expect for the new chapter of Change Of Heart is:
-A new relationship
-A fight/argument?
-Sad news
please share my story if you think others would like it. Thank so much gp

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Sounds great to me dear. In fact, I’d love to hear more about it and possibly help you going into the future. Like if you want a proofreader or something or a review. Would you like to be friends? We could @ each other on IG. What do you think?

Hello. Sorry for the late response! I’d love this. My instagram is jennaepisode1 feel free to DM there! Thanks so much for the support <3