Updates Episode Needs... 🖊



What’s up my mushrooms?
I made this thread because I was just sittin’ at my desk and like
"Wait, when I comment stuff on the Q&A for an author and I never know if that author either totally dissed my question or missed it or got my
:two_hearts: Appreciation :two_hearts: "
And I never remember what story I sent it to so I can’t check again…

I think episode should give you a notification if someone replies to your comment :hamburger:

I’ve recently been on Ink, Classic and Limelight…
I saw that there were girl arm tattoos, they looked sick af
I also noticed that they weren’t on LL or Ink which is weird because we have male arm tattoos, and Ink/LL are more stylish (my opinion pls don’t hate on me) I think they should make arm tats for all episode styles and I’m positive they’ll be used so much to create a strong badass female character

:point_down:t3: Post below your thoughts or other ideas episode should have later on…:tongue:

Byyyyyeeeee :revolving_hearts:





yeet ty :tongue:


Support all the way :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀️


I like that idea! Support!


But does episode even read this :thinking:


Definitely support! I can never be bothered looking back to see if they replied or not :joy: I think there may already be a thread for this, though…


I don’t think they do but just in case idkkk