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Hi, everyone, Aaliyah here. I like to state for the record that I am an African American (Black) woman. I have always been very vocal about black lives and how they matter before the past two months. I also have been very vocal lately on my Instagram about everything. These past few days have been hard on my mental health, in which, I decided to go silent on the episode forums. Between all of the unjustified killings on black people, fake woke authors and editors, and self-centered authors, I just can’t handle it right now. I never thought I would be one of those people who would be writing this. I’m not leaving the forums, but I will be silent on here, which brings me to my point. I know I’m quite active on the forums; a lot of people probably know me from being active on the art thread. So, I would kindly ask that anyone who is reading this that you do not tag me in anything relating to art contests. E.g. Outline, followers, giveaways, and a reminder for contests. I just can’t bring myself to edit, do art, or work on my on-going story, at the moment. Not when I’m at a breaking point, and I feel bad for saying no I won’t join so, instead can you all just refrain from tagging me, at least for now. Please, do feel free to tag me in the future :blob_hearts:

Before I leave here are some important things and links you could support and check out.

Ways to help:


Resourceful links supplied by a community member: @XxAlphaBetaxX

A forum experiment for donating if you do not have the funds:

Protecting yourself during protests - a guide:

How to ally:

With all that is going on right now especially those who are a person of color; please remember to look out for your mental health. We need everyone at their best right now, and in order to be at your best, your mental health should be intact. :white_heart: - For those who are participating in riots and/or protest please be safe and make sure you have and read the essentials.


Have a good break and make sure you take care of yourself! We’ll all be waiting for you when you come back, so for now, look after your mental health and stay safe! :heart: :black_heart: :white_heart:


It’s completely understandable in this year alone to have mental health breaks, especially because of the past month for many people. Tak your time to recover, you have my support!


Good luck, girl

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– update: my mental health is stable. I’m still devastated over what is happening, but I’m feeling fine, for the most part. Here are more links/posts I have discovered and want to share.

Donations links supplied by a community member: @kheyrwrites

Donate: LGBTQIA+ - link is from @XxAlphaBetaxX carrd.

What to say when people deny the reality of what is happening:

What to say when people deny the reality of what is happening 2:


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