Updating Latest CC Templates

It’s refreshing being able to view and apply the new additions episode attributes for the interactive app. When it comes to adding new features to templates it can be overwhelming especially when you have many duplicate characters in solely one template. I offer to help you add these additions to your templates error-free, so your readers can have full access to these newly added features. I am an avid reader myself therefore I love to be able to customize my characters with the updated templates. Let me help you update them by finding the link to fill at @episodeupdated


No need to follow me just thought it’d be a cool way to offer writers this sort of help. It can be really tiresome updating templates and ending with numerous amount of errors. You don’t have to worry about that. I always try to make sure my templates are error-free, but if you do decide to follow me. I plan to create posts showing any added additions from Episode. Therefore, you can keep track of new features that you need to add and request my help again.


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