Updating New Story Overlay!

This was my origional overlay for Chapter One

I thought this looked too much like a Christmas thing, but eerie at the same time. Here is my new one.

I feel like it isn’t romantic enough to suit the theme, so I was thinking of adding a few hearts to ‘ONE’, or maybe butterflies around it? What do you think?

  • Add Butterflies
  • Add Hearts
  • Change Colour Theme
  • Other!

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If you choose other, please make sure you reply to this and tell me what ideas you have!
Thank you luvs, I hope to hear from some of you soon :heavy_heart_exclamation:

:sparkles: Lush Out :sparkles:

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This chapter intro gives me “horror story” vibes… probably because of the text fonts that you used… and the colour scheme.

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That’s what I thought too! I just made a new one though, uploading in a min luv x

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