Updating, Skipping Chapters, and Points

I updated my script, replacing the regular cell background with a custom one. It meant replacing a scene in each chapter. I forgot that when you update a script it resets it for readers! :confused:

I use three major point systems in my story, and now I’m now sure what to do! Do I set up a “skip chapter” option? Will skipping or replaying mess with my point values? Will replaying add to their points? Will skipping mean they have 0 points? Do all my (grand total of ten) readers have to replay? Can this be salvaged?!

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Don’t use the skip option if choices matter in your story.

When this happens, the chapter completely resets for that reader, so all the choices they had before gets reset. So they cannot skip that chapter, they’ll have to play through it again and choose their choices.

Okay. Looks like readers are stuck rereading. I’ll offer an extra point as a reward int he next chapter or something. Thank you so much for the help!

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