Updating Your Story

I just published my first story, a week ago, and it has 17k reads, with 14 published chapters, but if I don’t update my story for literally one day it becomes like #10 in action trending, but as soon as I do update it, the story becomes #4, I get annoyed with it, as I am dedicated to Episode, but I’m not spending hours hooked to the screen every day non-stop. So any suggestion on how many times I should update my story?

Once in a week should be enough

or you update twice in a week if you have enough time to write the story

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Don’t ask me. I have like 30 reads

Thanks Ryan!

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Whenever someone reads my story, I’m like 200-300 in action, but then after a few minuets, I’m back to 5000 #thestrugleisreal

Tell me about it, I just hit 20,000 views and I can already feel the pressure, I love fan mail, but there are some fan mail which I just can’t be bothered with for example, how do you publish a story? Can I have free gems, I’m like seriously?


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