"Upgrade episode on old device "

Im trying to upgrade from 24.40 to 24.60, but every time i try to put the username and password in it comes up with this

  1. upgrade episode on old device
  2. tap settings/restore
  3. tap the restore tab

Never had a problem before. Im using a Samsung a21s on android 12.

I screenshot my user id and password beforehand to make sure it was correct

You may need to submit a support ticket for that. It sounds like its the app itself causing an issue.

Could be. Fortunately i had a backup of 24.40 from a few days ago in the Samsung cloud, so i just rolled it back.
So I’m not stuck with the “first start” episode. Thankfully. Been playing too long to start again at this point

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I totally get that. lol Who wants to restart Episode :joy:

Do you need the support link?

No I’m good thank you

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