Upload someone else's background

Hi, I wanted to use a background from episodelife.com in my story, but when I uploaded it I got a notification a few days later that it was rejected because it’s someone elses background. Of course I would give them credit in my story, but how do I upload this background without it being rejected?

You would probably have to change it somehow or email episode

Aren’t those backgrounds free to use though as long as you give them credit? You shouldn’t have to change them right

Hm… Somehow i never heard of this reason of rejection by episode. Something new for me. For my case, i’ve obtained an overlay from episodelife before… And it got rejected because it is projecting a brand…

Yes they are free. You just need to credit the artist. But in my opinion, not all the bgs and overlays there may be approve by episode team. So you need to check back the artist’s rules in episodelife whether you are allowed to do editing on it or not…

The background that I want to use has been used in other stories before, though… so that means episode approves it, right? Isn’t it weird that they rejected it for me then :thinking:

Yup in that case it is weird. Mind to share the bg & the reply from episode team?

It’s this one, called INT. SHARED BEDROOM - DAY by Joseph Evans.

And this is the reply I got:

Brands, Real People and Places: use of content that infringes on the intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy of any third party

  • Use of copyrights or works of authorship of other parties, including (but not limited to) excerpts or passages taken from literary works, video games, television or film

Most likely it is due to the ‘‘Satyricon’’ poster because it falls under the category of ‘‘real people’’. Just my opinion.
As to why it can be use in other stories… I have no idea as well :sweat_smile:
You can have clarification from episode team by filling up the form…

Okay, thank you for your help :blush:

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