Uploadable sounds and music

You know how we can add customized overlays and backgrounds. Sometimes I feel like the music and sounds should also be uploadable. I feel like art scenes will be better with uploaded music. Who e thinks this should be a thing?:heart:


It should. Their selection is small. SUPPORT!


Due to copyright laws, unless we/they are going to pay every time music is used (or a similar alternative), I doubt it would happen.

Though, it would be nice, if we could upload. But, then they’d have to review it all, just like overlays and backgrounds.


I’d like that as well, though, I guess I can understand why it hasn’t been implemented. It could become problematic once popular copyrighted songs are used.


You are right :kissing_heart::+1::+1:

i support this so much!

Since Episode would get copyrighted this isn’t probably going to happen but I think they should AT LEAST update their music.

But yes I agree. Uploadable music would Change my life

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