Uploading cover photo & warning label to the episodes

Does anyone know how to upload the artwork to the beginning/ end of the episodes? Help please!


You go to the art catalog, press backgrounds, press uploaded to my stoyr, then you upload it. They work as backgrounds

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Thank you so much!

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I am having issues uploading it says its not as big as they want it, i try resizing and i cant get it to where they want

Maybe ask someone to resize them. I would but my app isn’t working :pensive:

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Will do, thanks!

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ONE PANEL: 640 x 1136
TWO PANELS: 1280 x 1136
THREE PANELS: 1920 x 1136

^ those are the sizes you need to resize your artwork too, you can use simpleimageresizer, which is what i use. if yours isn’t working i’d be glad to resize it for you!


use this and for background put 640, 1136.


I got it finally! Thank you!

It is asking for a name for this background and it is saying it needs to start or end in INT - EXT

How do i write it?

you can use either one.

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For example, you could do:

INT. BATHROOM- DAY (Day is optional, in this case)

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Thank you! Does it take a couple days to be reviewed?

Yep! It took me about a week to get my cover approved, but during contest times (like the mc contest that recently ended), it takes longer (about 2 weeks, since everyone’s trying to get things for their story approved).

Currently, I’m still waiting on getting a few overlays done, but I think it should take about 2-5 days.

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What stories have you written so far? I am STILL on episode 3… lol. I am a huge perfectionist.

Also i need some new episodes to read on my downtime!

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Currently, I’m in the process of coding my first story. Waiting until there’s at least ten chapters before officially publishing. So far, I’ve spent 4 months doing 4 chapters, and waiting on getting my stuff approved before I can continue coding. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I do recommend reading the new MC contest winner stories on the bookshelf! :kissing_heart:

Some other stories I would recommend:

Fake Love - Sandra G.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt - ?? (Story should be on trending)
Dragon Bride - Earlgreytea

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How do you upload a warning made for my story?

You upload it as a background.

It’s all here