Uploading Custom Content Questions

First question: How long does it usually take to get something approved once you upload it? Some of the stuff I’m uploading is stuff other authors use so I’m at least 99% sure that stuff will be approved at least.

Second question:
How do I upload a custom background? By which I mean that it says it needs to be “AT LEAST” such and such size. The one I keep trying to upload is over that size but I keep getting this error message.

Maybe I’m reading it wrong somehow but it’s saying the image I uploaded is too small but if you go by the height and width of what it says the image is then it’s not too small? So…what exactly am I doing wrong? Or should I just go and modify the image to the exact specifications this thing seems to want it in?


1 zone is 640x1136
2 zones is 1280x1136
3 zones is 1920x1136

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So there’s no editor like after you upload? Cause when I uploaded some clipart (for the overlays) it let me resize it. Guess I was assuming the same thing would happen with backgrounds? But it doesn’t?

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Your picture is 1920 to 960

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uploading a background

On episode I wamted to upload a background
But honestly I didn’t know how I was do confused…
My suggestion for Android users is to get Ibspaint :blush:
Or any drawing app
Here is an example

Go to art catalog

Then go to this and change it to

Backgrounds uploaded to YOUR account

Then hit this and select a picture

Once you select a picture here are the instructions :blush:

I didn’t understand them before lol

I’ll explain what everything means :blush:
Above the picture it says
Choose a size
CAUTION: Your picture will not upload if it isn’t any of these sizes

Ok :blush:
This is a one zone background
This is a 2 zone background
This is a 3 zone background :blush:

640,1280,1920 as the W
1136 as the height :blush:


Ibspaint to edit backgrounds

Next is naming

This will probably make things much easier for you

EXT. means outside
INT. means inside

When naming a background it can either look like




If it doesn’t upload you might have forgotten to press agree on the agreement policy


Hope this helps


Yes it does! Thank you! I’ll just resize the images. I know how to do that I just figured it would let me edit once I had them uploaded lol

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:+1:t2: ok glad I can help!

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so, for the first question it takes from 3 to 7 days to approve or reject

for the second question,
i was also suffering from this but i got an website that changes the size and so on, you can also edit a pic from this website

it’s called: simple image resizer

so I will tell you the steps;

  1. write on google : Simple Image Resizer
  2. then this will apperar for you

Define the new size of your image using:

percentage (%) dimensions

  1. choose dimensions
  2. then will appear for you 2 boxes
    one written “width” and the other “height”
  3. type 640 on the “width bar” and type 1136 on the
    “height bar”
  4. go up, u will find a box written on it “select image”
    click on it then choose the image you wants to resize

and here is the link of a video that may helps you in this

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A useful tip: Sometimes this message shows even if your image is of the exact size. If it does happen then make sure it’s in png format.