Uploading own Backgrounds


I am working on a new story and i want to use some nicer backgrounds, but i was wondering what are the rules on uploading your own backgrounds. I have seen a lot of people for example using what looks like photos of interior and exterior luxury houses and was curious if they were just from google or something?
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They need to be copyrighted free ( free for comercial use). You can find some on the internet ( f.ex. here https://pixabay.com). Or you can make your own :wink:


If you use it from an artist that says you have to credit them and you use and you don’t credit you will not be able to use the background anymore.


Or ask someone to make them for you (just remember to give credit :wink:).
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Thank you… so the ones on that link are okay to use? do you have to credit that site or anything? :slight_smile:


No the creator who made the background