Uploading pictures for background or cover

okay few things, one these past few weeks i haven’t had motivation to write, so this is a bit of a shock for me rn. with art creations or covers what do i use? it keeps saying at least 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall. for me i use canva and autosketch to plan out and make the cover with it. what template would be fesable to use for uploading a cover… within the story, cuz i at least can use regular book cover templates for the main cover. but would a phone wallpaper base work?

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Small cover : 420 x 580

Large cover: 966 x 642

1 zone background: 640 x 1136
2 zone background: 1280 x 1136
3 zone background: 1920 x 1136

Then, if you want to use your cover maybe for like an intro, you have to either resize it to a 1-zone background and upload it as a background, or just upload it as an overlay. Hope this helps!

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