Urgent Background Crisis!

Hi there! I have been looking for a living room background forever that would look like it belongs in the interior of this house below. It’s been so difficult so if you know a background that would be the right fit, please put it in the thread! I would prefer that it looked like it belonged in Episode rather than in the real world. Or, if you are willing to help me make one, please PM me.

Hi, I have this, you can use it, if it fits the background. :blush:

I have one in my thread that might help, please read my rules if you use my work, ty :revolving_hearts:

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Hi, are you the creator of this background? I remember seeing a background like this a while ago just a bit different :slightly_smiling_face:

I transformed indeed a background to this, but if I remember correctly (it was a while ago), I found that background in a public page and I couldn’t found the creator. If I used someone’s background, I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my intention.

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Oh okay no worries, I’m also not sure who the creator is :sob:

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