URGENT: Beta reader in need for Adventurous entry!

Oof so here I am, once again, hoping to find a person willing to take a second look over my story to make sure it’s polished and flawless for the contest. I need it too be 100% perfect because I spent so long on it. I literally wrote nonstop from February 14th to now…
Here’s some details…
Story Name: Adventurous: Revolution X
Description: Four teens create an alliance of rebellion. Their goal? To put an end to the new president’s plans and dethrone the false leader.
Genre: Action
Cover: image

If your willing to help me you have my whole heart :frowning: <3


I’m also entering the contest, but I’m done with mine already, so I’ve got time to read yours. Just dm me the link :slight_smile:

I’m willing to proofread it, if you would like. :slight_smile:

Yay okay!! :slight_smile:

Yes PLZ ty ily T_T <3

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I can read your story

yayyy!! i dm’d you

I’ll read it :slight_smile:

I can read, if you still need it.

Can I just read it? Like yes I will read it to help you but it also seems like a genuinely good Story :sparkling_heart:

hey if you need more people to review I’d love to read it :innocent:
but if not please let me know when you publish I’ll definitely want to read it when it comes out!

I would love to read your story. Im writing a story for the contest too but I’ve already read a bunch of other peoples entries already. :joy::heart:

Aweee, goodluck :smiley: <3

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Thanks you too. x :blush::heart: