(URGENT) Can someone please create a cover for my story?!

Hey! So I’m really needing a cover for my story. I would do it myself but I lack the skill when it comes to anything involving drawing. I would really like this to be drawn if that’s not too much to ask.

The female character looks like this:

skin color: tan

eyebrow shape: defined natural

Hair: straight/charcoal

Eyes: upturned feline/green

face: soft heart

nose: upturned

lips: classic/toffee

For the male character It can be drawn however you want, just make him look like a bad boy with tattoo’s.

The girl could be sitting on the guys lap and laughing or something like that to show that they are having fun in college and that they are a couple.

I know it might sound like a lot and I will definitely give a shout out every episode for the creator and a relevant character in the story.


I can help you out!

Head on over to my thread and we will get started ASAP

Thank you! Are you able to be the one to draw my art?