(URGENT) Can someone please make a cover art for me (DRAWN)

Hello, all!
So, I am about to write another story on Episode. What sucks is that I absolutely SUCK at anything related to art. I really would like a drawn cover, because I overall just thinks it looks nicer. I’ll list the details below:

Title: The Problematic Boy

Author: Jenny Ouellette

Character details:


Skin Tone- Olive

Brows- Medium soft arch

Hair- straight (black)

Eyes- Round classic (Auburn)

Face- soft heart

Nose- Elven

Lips- classic (ruby red)


Skin tone- olive
Brows- thin arch
Hair- short cropped (chestnut)
Eyes- stoic almond (white)
Face- defined triangle
Nose- button
Lips- uneven (taupe)

**Can you please make the characters back to back both are smirking, kind of looking at each other? By the way, get only their bodies from waist up. The guy’s clothing can be a leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. The Lady’s can just be the black peacock jacket.

If anyone is willing to draw this please please please help me out! Of course, I’ll give you credit in my story. Thank you so much! I appreciate all of the help I can get.

Me and my team can,can you resend it here

Hello! I’d be glad to help.

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Besides the two people, do you want me to add a title or background?

I’m almost done @TheDoodleNoodle can I do large and you do small

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Sure, I don’t mind.


Hey! Thank you so much for offering! I’d love to have a neighborhood background that is from the episode gallery. I’ll send it in a second.

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Hey there, can I do this for fun since you have multiple artists? :grinning:


Sure! I’d love to see it! I would totally use yours after I use theirs for a little while! :heart:

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You want a cover that’s drawn

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It’s alright! You said you can’t do it. Thank you for the other cover you made for my other story though!

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You can do it I’m gonna find something else you be the best at it


That’s so kind of you! Thank you so much for volunteering in the first place! Good luck on your future projects!

It’s fine, you guys can do it. I was just going to do it for fun so it might not be the best lol.

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If nobody has drawn your characters, I’d be happy to draw them for you :blush:. If you have an ig you can go ahead and look at my examples on my ig @ninals.epi


Invite almost finished, just have to color it and add the background

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Omg you are really good! You deserve a ton more followers! You can do it if you want to. But of course, you don’t have to. I will definitely use everyone’s covers and switch them around from time to time.

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Hey, everyone!
I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who is volunteering to create a cover for me! It really warms my heart that there are people out there who really enjoy drawing and are using their talents to help someone else. If you want to quit, please tell me! I did not expect anyone to do it! Again, thank you so much! :heart::heart:

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